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Friday 9 September 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Wiener Schnitzel's and Whodunitry

Now quick and easy to put together, this cost of living crisis beating, light crispy  pork dish is a mega taste treat in the Newey household, especially when with the fresh lemon and thyme adding plenty of zing, the panko breadcrumbs and parmesan adding plenty of taste and texture.  

It’s my take on the classic Wiener schnitzel and I think it’s worthy of a place on any Viennese table. Makes pork steaks go a long way, too, every little counts my friends. 

Anyway out with the clingfilm and rolling pin, bash, bosh, bang and give something for the neighbours to talk about !!!

Watercress, coleslaw and garlic salt dusted wedges it's a taste sensation !!!

Now Chub have captivated me than any other coarse fish I reckon, even more than the Zander, mainly because they fall for all manner of tactics that suits my fishing style, but also the character they possess.

It helps that they are hard fighting and fish balanced tackle for them a 5lb chub headed for the snags is a joy to behold. 

From float fishing, pinging plugs, surface offerings and simple quiver tactics using a huge variety of baits, its the fact chub will be biting whatever the weather means they have always been up there in my favourite species list. 

Whitebait, Raspberry Mushrooms, Mackerel, Steak and more recently Liver have been in my bait armoury of the years and liver in particular the bites on the tip were quite ridiculous really, where a motionless 1oz tip would jump in to life like a dog when its food bowl had been put out, or the lethargic Wife when a new bottle of gin has been opened.

Now for this short post work session a trip to the syndicate stretch was in order where I could fish a smash and grab session parked behind my peg. 

A stretch of convenience which ain't usually my thing but I've already caught some nice chub here and I know that 6lbers have been caught too and that's why I was here.

The plan was to fish bread initially and then fish some liver as the sun was setting and a torch was needed to illuminate the tip. 

The swim chosen was a little deeper than the norm and I spotted some decent fish milling around here in the heatwave despite them not up for feeding. 

Having not having the motivation to go fishing of late I was hoping some recent rain would spur the fish on for a feed, as the bigger chub have nowhere to be seen in the waters I have been fishing. Anyway, talking of fishing, better get the rod out hadn't I !!!

With a nip in the air the first bite on bread came after a couple of minutes of casting out, the bait suspended a foot off the bottom wafting around in the flow.

I struck in to something solid but after a few seconds the fish was off and I reeled in the line with the entire rig gone, grippa stops, running bead, weight, hook the look. Yeap a pike I assume decided it wanted to get in on the action.

So after resetting up it was back out with the bread and 3 chub succumbed to the bread tactics. I switched to the liver as the sun was setting having just heard the news the Queen had died 😢 (we raised a glass later), and it didn't take long for the tip to go round.

This was a better fish though and after a decent battle it was in the net. A 4lber all day long and after weighing it, it went 4lb 8 ounces. A lovely chub indeed and make the trip out worthwhile especially when the threatened thunderstorms and heavy rain never materialised.   

With the fish retained in the landing net I got the bait out again and was hoping for another bite. Sadly not though but the swim is almost in its own containment so the fight may well have disturbed any other fish that might have been in the swim.

Still chub fishing can be like that, the most cautious and cagey fish don't give themselves up that easily. An enjoyable couple of hours though and nice to see the tip go round, kind of missed it !!

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