Sunday 11 September 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Godspeed and Galactophagists

I just fancied some bites for this short morning session so it was out with the little Salmo Hornet. A roving approach is the key to this sort of fishing and with the whole stretch to myself I could nip in and out of swims to ones hearts content. 

There was that nip in the air that me as an angler revels in because in means Autumn and Winter are on the way and the fish are livening up to be able to put some meat on their bones to mitigate the big heating bills. 

Now I did think about fishing for chub again and using some different sorts of baits such as blackberries etc which I've caught them on before, but an angler who was leaving as I arrived yesterday said he'd blanked for chub but had caught some nice perch. 

The bait fish were in abundance here yesterday and in one of the swims after dropping some bread in the small fish were followed in by some nice perch.

Not massive perch admittedly but Sam had caught a 2lber recently  here and there are some bigger fish milling around for sure.

The river was well up but I've found it can help spur on bites from the predators for some reason. I was still amazed how little chub action there was yesterday but at least with a lure if have a chance to chub, even though perch really were the target.

And boy what a session !!!

I don't think I've caught as many fish on the lure, they were on it from the 2nd cast. Perch after perch initially but then the chub decided to get in on the action.

The weir particularly I had 5 perch on 5 casts, ok nothing to write home about but so what, when they are on it bites can come thick and fast and this was one of those sessions.  

I only fished for a few hours but all but one swim produced bites which is quite amazing really having fished this stretch since I started this blog.

That really doesn't happy very often but I'm sure the levels helped and the fact that the water despite being still pretty clear there is a slight tinge of brown.

I said it was a 4.5cm Salmo Hornet in the video, but it is the 4cm version I believe and the colour is Green Tiger. I've actually got a Salmo Hornet Pro Finesse Rod on the way and a new reel to go with it. 

The current reel is a bit old and tired so I decided to get a better set-up considering how much I like this sort of fishing. So a great session, one that actually went to plan. Ok nothing big, as I mentioned above but the method and technique is so enjoyable that really doesn't matter to me. 


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