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Sunday 18 September 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Slothy and Slubber De Gullions

Now the Warmies 'Slothy' Hot Water Bottle Ben reluctantly leant to me by Ben "That's Mine Daddy, give it back" helped with the trapped nerve and my left buttock cheek is seemingly getting to normal from its recent ordeal. 

Some of the worst pain I've experience in a while but chilling for a couple of days with various pain killers, lotions and potions I felt good enough to go fishing again. From literally not being able to make it downstairs to almost normality, 🤯

Almost a spring in my step as I hopped skipped and jumped the few paces to the river from one of my many syndicate waters. To be fair we had a walk around the village after lunch and with the skies nice and clear with the warmth of the sun I felt fine to go and have a dangle. 

Still slightly tender but keeping mobile whilst I'm not in pain is the way to approach it from past experience and luckily as I type this I'm continuing to improve. 

Only a 2 hours session this but small stretch of the Warwickshire Avon I've caught some nice fish from double figure carp and barbel, some clonking bream and the reason why I was there and that was the chub.

It's hit and miss if they are in front of you or not but when they are especially when the light levels go bites can come thick and fast and catch one, it's is usually a good'un. I've caught a few 5lbers and I'm sure that 6lber is just a piece of liver away.  

When I got bankside though there were fry being chased by Perch so it would be rude not to have a few chucks of the Salmo Hornet and sure enough, the fish were on it straight away.

Not the biggest stamp of perch admittedly but plenty of action in an hour or so. As the light started to go I got the chub rod set-up and it looked good for some action. A chill in the air but the river was like a mill pond and there was a lovely sunset. 

As I said before you know when the chub have moved in here as you get bites quite frequently once they are on the bait, but apart from the off nibble and tiny pull from small fish the 1 ounce tip didn't get any chub action whatsoever.

I stuck it out for 45 minutes after dusk with the torch illuminating the rod but I was wasting my time. The river is clear, so so clear and that often means it's pants on the Warwickshire Avon.

Not all lost though, at least I can get back out again !! 

On to the next one !!


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