Piscatorial Quagswagging

...the diary of a specialist angler in around the Warwickshire Avon and its tributaries.

Friday 24 June 2011

Wasperton - 24.06.2011

Last min decision to give Wasperton top meadow a go again, was there at 8.00pm, 4 other anglers already there, luckily two fisherman who has been there since 2.00pm were about to leave, had a quick chat and settled down to the left of the farmers pump. Quite a deep hole there and a overhanging bush.

Left at 10.30pm, and blanked. Was fishing big baits hoping for a Barbel but sadly no takers. Did get quite a few hard chub knocks but when it gets dark the area is plagued with small bats and they have a habit of hitting the line, rattling the rod tip. Might do a two rod attack if I fish here again soon, feeder with maggots and a pellet rod out for the bigger stuff.

Friday 17 June 2011

Avon @ Wasperton - 16.06.11

Been eager to get on the bank, not been fishing for over 5 weeks haven't really had the time, decided to give the top meadow at Wasperton a go, was only planning a couple of hours afterword, from 8.30pm till 10.30pm. Always seems an anticlimax when fishing the first day of the season as I always have high hope and then don't do any good. Got to the oak tree at Wasperton to discover 5 cars there, so that's the willow pegs out then :) My Jag doesn’t like grass so I knew I had to do some walking to find a peg. Spoke to a few people on the top meadow, the swim I always favour I realised afterwards, Keith Jobling was residing. Been there since midday and had a Chub?

As I'm also a BAA member I settled into a swim a few pegs down from the end of the Leamington stretch. I had some success on homemade paste in the past, a mixture of fishmeal, ground halibut and also some hemp for added attraction. Always use a big lump of it moulded around a couple of small pellets. Not much happened to the rod tip, had a couple of sharp Chub knocks but sadly no takers. Was getting a bit chilly when I left, so nice to be out though.

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