Piscatorial Quagswagging

...the diary of a specialist angler in around the Warwickshire Avon and its tributaries.

Friday 29 April 2022

Transient Towpath Trudging - Pt.20

I've been enjoying this float fishing of late and the lift method I've been employing has taken me back to one youth where my twin brother and I used to get on our Kamikaze bmx bikes and ride the few miles to Packington Somers. Ok centrepins were a pipedream but we managed quite well with the little bits of tackle we managed to cobble together. 

Somers has changed so much when we used to fish 35 years ago, not just in landscape but also the fishing, back then it was all about variety and not bag weights like it is in todays modern commercial fisheries, where two keepnets are often needed for an average day and three for a good'un.

We rarely did anything but float fishing mainly because we were limited on the gear we could take on our bikes which were more Shetland ponies than Shire horses. I still remember till the day when I spotted a nice float stuck in a tree and fancied adding to my mediocre collection, which is where it went a little wrong. 

You see I could take off double denim no problem when I was a kid, but that was a only a hindrance when upon climbing the tree to retrieve the float, the last reach with my finger tips the main branch snapped leaving me to proceed to go head first in the drink. 

Thankfully I managed to grab the float mid flight and held it aloft when entering the Anniversary pool post crucian catching. The problem was denim hold water like a sponge so after wringing the clothes out the best I could I had to make my way back home looking and feeling like a drowned rat.  

My brother wasn't bothered as he just gained another pint of maggots from his diminishing stocks and he could also get the best peg as up and till that point, he'd only managed a few small roach and not the crucians and small tench I'd managed to catch. 

Oddly carp didn't really feature in our intended quarry back then even though BIG Molands Mere had some right lumps where the carp fisherman used to often wrap their lines around the electricity pylons in pursuit of the big'uns. It was all about float fishing and anything caught over a 1lb was a bonus fish. 

Anyway back to the fishing, a local trip again where I had earmarked a couple of swims to fish groundbait and maggot again to fish for a few bites. Naturally I'd also have a Zander sleeper rod out but I also wanted to see if there were any carp lurking in these murky waters. 

The last swim you see had a group of carp tucked up in the usually thick but now thinned down 👎 cover and were they there to target for during another session ?

Now it was warm, very warm, in-fact I was a little overdressed and an hour in to the post work afternoon session had to roll my sleeves up and take my thin jacket off. The sun was very strong indeed which ain't good for fishing really but at least the disco maggots were up for a rave after being confided to the fridge !!!!

I was fully expecting a blank after a few boats went by,  but with the groundbait swirling and whirling on the surface doing its thing under the surface it provides some scent for the fish to home in on.

Even when the cut is moving back and forth it's surprising when fishing overdepth lift float style just how well the float holds stations. A tell-tale classic lift bite with fifteen minute of getting the floats out a fish was on, and it turned out to be a roach that had recently been in the wars with one of the predators that swims here.

It lived to tell the tale thankfully but I did feel sorry for it as it looked like it would be vulnerable to another predator attack. 

No more bites after that so I went on the rove to the next swim I'd singled out before I'd even started the session. There was always carp here year on year but recently the cover had been thinned out to Right Said Fred proportions and after the floaters I'd pinged out were hoovered up by the moorhens with no sign of carp, it sort of kiboshed a potential session here in the future. 

Even the Zander sleeper remained biteless and yet here I rarely blank for Zander, in-fact it is one of those go to swims I got to if I'm struggling for bites.

In these shallow waters you see, Zander love to tuck themselves tight to the cover and if the cover has been removed its effectively taken the roof of their heads. It's a familiar story on many of the local stretches sadly in-fact the swim where I have spotted a 20lb carp and hooked and lost two canal fish, those fish have buggered off to. 

Luckily though out of the blue the float lifted a couple of inches clear of the drink and a fish was on. I initially thought it was another eel, but no after a spirited battle it was one of those hard fighting roach bream hybrids that frequent these mucky waters.

That fish came a few minutes after a boat had passed so it just goes to show how well these fish are adapted to their habitat. If you've not fished this canal it is turbid and turd like for much of the year but there are still some nice fish to be caught. And that was that, no more bites, no more fish so after a couple of hours I decided to call it a day and get home for a well deserved glass of wine. One of those weeks sadly, fishing the much needed tonic. 

Thursday 28 April 2022

Transient Towpath Trudging - Pt.19

A mayday message from Jon 'the fella from the racecourse' came completely out of the blue, you see after catching a few small roach and hybrids he'd hooked in to one of the bigger rod bending bream that reside in this canal and then came up with an issue.

The problem was you see on retrieval prior to netting in the 2lber, a decent pike had been woken from its slumber and decided that he'd get in on the act.

Yeap, not a good ending for the bream as you'd imagine because sadly it snatched it Pike style from from the small hook leaving Jon stomping up and down and scratching his head in disbelief, wondering what the hell just happen.

Initially the location I was given didn't stack up but then after another couple or three messages I knew exactly where it was and it was actually the same area I caught an 8lb 10 Zander quite a few years ago now.

I thought I recognised the piece of scraggy iron !!!

Now this area is back on my radar once again because you see, not only is it the closest big of canal I fish, which is a short bike ride away, but I bumped in to the likeminded the weekend, someone also on a mission to catch a canal double and he'd seen a picture of a 9lber caught a spod cast away. In-fact I was in the swim where it was caught and nothing doing for me at all. 

To be honest I rarely catch pike on this stretch mainly because it is so coloured, but was this greedy fish Jon encountered actually a pike ? or could it have been a big Zander instead ?

Only one way to find out I suppose better give it a go hadn't I. Now I'd be enjoying ones float fishing of late so with some maggots and some groundbait I'd also fish for bits and have a sleeper rod out where Jon had his jumper pulled up over his head and given a couple of kidney punches. 

I wouldn't stay that long because despite being the end of April it's still cold in-fact we are expecting a frost overnight as I'm tying this.

Now a 2lb bream, sat in the stomach of a pike would be me like attempting to consume the all you can eat Chinese buffet platefuls I used to when I was 20 years younger.

I could probably manage it with some brow mopping and coke quenching but I'd not have to eat for a few days after. My appetite certainly isn't like what it once was where often the owner of the establishment was concerned over his profits and often gave me and the fellow table sitters the watch tapping marching orders. 

Anyway better get fishing hadn't I !!!!

Well what an odd session, in chronological order it went like this
  • Huge snag pulled out from the drink on the float rod.
  • A small roach dropped off, followed being bust up by a carp.
  • All went dead, a move to the lock, two eels caught on the float rod nought on deadbait.
  • Back to where I started at, no pike, one tatty schoolie Zander and one 3lber that shed the hook 
And that was a wrap !!!!

The eels are getting bigger though and both succumbed to maggot. I had a curfew for this session but at least I picked up a few fish and had the banks to myself.

It was cold though, so back with to the woolly hat again but an oddly enjoyable session despite the intended target not showing up. 

Monday 25 April 2022

Transient Towpath Trudging - Pt.18

There is a reason I go fishing, the reason I seek the much needed solitude away from the diary makers so  this stretch has been largely off my radar. You see its close to town and close to all manner of new builds that have sprung over of the last few years and that means the footfall is more than I'd like even for my short sessions. 

Dogs for some reason can often react to anglers with rods in hand and within 20 minutes of being there a dog is barking at me from the other side of the cut. Morning to you too !!!

Now after the capture of the chub I thought I'd come and see if any Zander would be up for a feed so the float rod was swapped for two deadbait rods and 6.30 am I was roving a series of locks to see if I could stumble upon any fish. 

This used to be quite a picturesque stretch full of reeds and cover and yet lock after lock the removal of huge areas of it was plain to see. Any interest couple of dog walkers were amazed that any fish would actually live in this canal but thanked me for enlightening them. Of late the CRT certainly have taken to their power tools in great vigour, not sure what the heck is going on but the butchering year on year seems to be getting worse. 

The fish on the other hand remained very elusive indeed and swim after swim I couldn't find any Zander whatsoever. I've spotted carp here in the past but those didn't show either, but the marginal reeds that they used to tuck themselves in to had also been removed in a few swims they used to call home.

Usually on this canal you rarely blank, or at least get a run or two, but not this session it was very tough indeed, so much so I decided to up-sticks and venture to a stretch where I caught a few recently. 

It didn't start well, a group of 22 walkers, yes really, decided they would like to walk this stretch too, so after multiple "morning(s) !!" I settled in to leapfrogging some cover and finishing up at a lock. Nothing whatsoever after 15 minutes in each swim and after another Zander angler came past to say that he was off to another stretch as he was blanking as was his mate who was 5 minutes away, the writing was on the wall right there. 

What I didn't realise was his mate was Buffalo Si from River Masters who seems to be on the same challenge I took up 6 years ago and I'm to blame for that. He has been doing better than me of late mind you, with a 7 and 8 lber to add to his recent tally. He is in the right trail that's for sure, as he had been fishing two areas where there has been doubles out over the years so it will be interesting to see if can pick one up fast than I could.

So a blank session, not good !!!

Saturday 23 April 2022

Transient Towpath Trudging - Pt.17

Sadly the extended Easter break is now over but a pint of Guerrilla Stout at the local pub it was that nice I decided to stay far longer than expected so much so I had to get the Wife to do a detour and come and pick me up and I had to leave the Jimny overnight in the car park.

You see it was one of those moorish stouts that needs to be savoured and not quaffed and after the 2nd pint putting the world to rights with the landlord, it would be rude to not have a third and then a fourth. It gave me some thinking time though and after I received a message back from the oracle confirming what he told me a few years ago.

So I knew exactly what the morning would hold and this was a little different this session, you see, as I was told about these 'washed out' canal chub in an area not a millions miles from me and although I tried once for them if I recall (cannot find the blog post), however what I do remember is that session was cut short because of boat movement and footfall. 

Not huge fish by all accounts 2.5/3 lbers but of interest to me for sure, because I love a challenge and this certainly had the no smoke without fire about it, because I've heard it from two different sources now. 

Unlike the clear canals some BIG chub reside in England, these turbid waters they are rare I tell thee. 

This is a busy old stretch this so as per the norm it seems a quick smash and grab to try and track down these fish which must I'm sure envy their river dwelling brethren. Because let's be honest here, after a gleeful narrowboat dweller told me recently he had eaten the huge canal Zander he had caught not miles away from here, he raised his eyebrows when I told him "Wow, and you lived to tell the tale !!!"

You see this shallow canal let's just say the water quality ain't all that. 

The constant churning up of the silt, the diesel and oil leaks from the boaters and the fact I've seen all manner of dead animals tainting its already tainted waters that would tick many off the species list from Noah's Ark.

To be fair this area due to the lock make up and design means that the overflow system does oxygenate the water somewhat and that could mean that the small pocket of chub that calls this place their home, can just about put up with it.

Now having not having caught canal chub before it was difficult to know how to approach them but in the end I decided on float fished bread or a pungent hookable pellet and I'd also have a small crankbait I'd use from time to time, as they are predatory after all. So at least if the chub were not biting at least a perch or zander might be forthcoming instead. 

The canal in Bards country is chocolate brown most of the time but fish it in the morning the clarity is about as good as you are going to get. That's why Zander thrive in these waters they are top dog.

Anyway better get fishing hadn't I !!!!

The Aldi bread I bought when defrosted almost crumbled in my hand, so I won'y bother to buy that again even though it was as cheap as chips. There is a reason why I tend to stick to Warburtons because it's doughy and basically stay on the hook.

I managed to get the odd piece to stay on and as usual in gobstopper proportions. What I didn't expect though was having to deepen the float as the first run through it pulled the float under and then the next chuck I got a bite almost instantly. 

I missed that one though so again another large piece of bread on the hook and a short underarm flick it started to sink through the oxygenated water. This time though after the bite came and the float disappeared a firm strike I hooked in to a decent fish.

I knew what it was straight away and after a decent fight from the chub it was in the net. That didn't take long did it, mission accomplished in around 10 minutes and not 6 years like the Zander quest, this one of the better ones it seems going 3lb 10 ounces on the scales. 

I retained it in the landing net hoping for another one but oddly that was that, the swim went dead and no more bites sadly. There are a couple of similar swims here so I fished those in similar vein but again nothing doing at all.

The crankbait didn't get any attention either and after the first boat was making its way down the canal I decided to end the session early and annoy the wife by joining her back on bed. There are Zander here too and I've not fished this stretch for years so maybe I've been missing something ?, watch this space. 

Friday 22 April 2022

Canal Zander - The Hallowed II Chronicles Pt.3 (Eels)

Now the Hallowed stretch home to my PB Canal Zander of 11lb 8 ounces and my PB Pike of 17lb and 8 ounces may also hold some specimen sized Eels to be caught and could this area offer another personal best to add to ones mediocre list ?. To be fair fishing here anything is possible and there isn't many canals 'near' me that hold not only huge predators but tench, big rudd, roach and silver bream. 

There was a rather large dead eel in one of the locks and since seeing that fish I know of a few people that have caught eels here when targeting the other species. Some of the eels I catch take luncheon meat meant for chub or barbel so maybe I'll try and small piece of meat next time I try for them, but its mainly when fishing maggots I tend to catch them.

There are those that denigrate the eel. Indeed, is any fish so badly treated ? For many an angler in that slimy, twisting knot, one look is enough; with his scissors he snips the leader and bends to his tackle-bag to repair the damage leaving the eel to writhe among the rushes, wrapped in nylon with a hook in its gullet. 

Thankfully through various media avenues, NAC  etc especially for those for anglers that want to specifically target big eels there has been some significant changes to how to approach eel fishing, and rigs developed to lip hook the intended quarry to try and prevent those deep hooking that can often occur if they are a bycatch when fishing for other species. 

It's such a huge body of water here and fish maggot all along the stretch bites generally are forthcoming and it just shows how many fish swim in this canal utopia. Now considering the amount of times I've been Zander fishing using deadbaits on canals I think I have only had one proper bite off an Eel. 

That was quite recent actually where after a weird bobbing bite I tightened in to the circle hook and upon feeling some resistance whatever it was bolted off in a ridiculous fashion and when shared one my blog a readers suggested it might have been an Eel. 

I know Eels take deadbaits and to be honest here they probably have rich pickings but for me anyway using them just doesn't inspire much confidence. I may well have had other bites of eels using deadbait but the bait could well have been far too big for them to take effectively and those fast missed runs where the float moves half a metre in a second could well have been one of them. 

For this session with Sam in tow I'd fish a recently made up specific eel rod where I'd use a single lobworm on a size 8 hook with the worm cut in to multiple pieces and then impaled on the hook. 

A PVA big of dead maggots would hopefully draw these vivacious feeding fish in to the area and as we would fish in to dusk and a nadger beyond (so Sam could use the new fancy head torch) hopefully fishing at the right time ie the witching hour would increase the chances of a bite. 

The main reason why we were here to be honest was to try out a new 7m telescopic whip and the chosen swim which is quite big and open means that it was ideal to get grips with it. (And grips with it we didn't because a bite received less than 2 foot out with this small silver bream we didn't even unpack it)

Maggots and small balls of groundbait would be used to try and induce some bite, and here is by far the best place to try and get some bites of the smaller stuff. I know from the likeminded that the bites are not as forthcoming as I know they can be, but with the weather warmer hopefully that will improve no end. 

To target the bigger Eels here there could be one issue and that is the Otters that live here too which I've seen a few times since I've been fishing this stretch and it's not a secret that Otters have eels in their diet. 

Now one saving grace here is that there is plenty of escape room because this body of water is very large indeed. You can see why anglers get obsessed with the Anguila Anguila when the 'modern' angler is chasing carp. It's something different than the humdrum, which always interests me. 

And they can get big, VERY big, just looks at this video from Drennan and Steve Pitts, a cracking watch if you've not seen it. 130 nights 5 bites and ended up with a monster where his 40 year quest was concluded with a halo fish over the magic 10lb . 👀

Anyway back to the session, as we walked up to the intended swim John Glover the Canal Zander author was in the swim I had intended to fish and after a natter with biteless John we settled in just down from him and got fishing.

The eel rod went out in to the middle of this large swim and was set-up as a sleeper. To cut a long story short the odd pull from smaller stuff throughout the 2.5 hour session nothing materialised in to a bite. One of the otters was spotted as soon as the sun started to set and Sam was well happy, as oddly its the first one he has seen.

Thankfully the other fish were biting though and from the first initial Silver bream over the session, where myself and Sam swapped the whip between ourselves and also moved down the swim 10 yards after the bites dried up.

We managed to catch a few Rudd to 1lb 4 ounces, a few bream to 2lb and roach and small silver bream. A really enjoyable session especially when all those bites came a small whip distance out.

Despite a decent coat when the sunset the temperature dropped notably Sam was getting cold and when Sam is cold he ain't happy. So not long in to dusk with the eel rod still quiet we'd ended the session half an hour early, and void to come back when it's a tad warmer.

One of those memorable sessions because you never know what you will hook in to here and believe it or not a Rudd worthy of noting down on the PB list and Sam also registered silver bream to his fish species tally. 

Wednesday 20 April 2022

Transient Towpath Trudging - Pt.16

A nice greeting wasn't it for this next canal session where some kind dog owner decided to proudly display their mutts rather large discharge for all to see just left on the start of the bridge wall that leads to the canal. 

Now this wasn't one of those where the owner would collect it on their return because the area was dead when I got there early doors and when I left there were walkers, but walkers without leads in their hand.

Luckily the day got a bit better from the initial (OH FFS !!!)  with some fish being caught in the session and then a walk out in to Stratford-Upon-Avon later and a bit of a bargain purchase !!!!

Now I love a good bargain and this leg of lamb was hard to pass up when it was £2.50.

Yes £2.50 !!!!

With the day to day living costs sky rocketing everyone is looking for a bargain these days, and wow I cannot complain especially as I walked in after a tip off from my Sister that Aldi were offering some lamb bargain and the girl was replacing the 30% off stickers with 75% ones, jobs a good un !!!!

To be fair we rarely have lamb for a Sunday roast because if I'm honest we do prefer Beef or Pork, but some slow roasted lamb with garlic and rosemary the crispy roast potatoes swimming in mint sauce is something to look forward to I must admit.

But Mick you need to reign it in a bit because I was out yesterday evening with a mate for a curry and a couple of pints and after popadoms and a tiger prawn puri it was washed down with a really rich lamb curry with garlic naan and onion fried rice. 

It's surprising how quickly adding those few extra pounds happens and when you're nearly fifty like me you need to keep on top of it otherwise the 

But then I've taken a few extra days off work and for an extended easter bread and my average daily steps have exceeded 14k every single day. 

The problem I faced in the morning though was the intended long walk down to the hallowed was curtailed because my mate Phippo who was at the curry kindly donated a few bottles of Delph Strong Ale which as a McEwans Champion fan went down rather well indeed.

So a change of plan for this session as feeling rather bloated a local trip was probably the way to go and maybe not the amount of walking I usually do.

So yes I actually took a seat with me and fancied some more chilled out fishing rather than the roving sessions I usually do.

Luckily a nice section of canal was a 10 minute walk and here there is everything to go at. I've spotted carp here in the past and also caught Zander as well as roach, bream and the odd hybrid.

It was a roach bream hybrid I fancied to be honest though and in the Newey household Sam still hold the PB record where he caught a cracking fish from Centre Parcs at Elvedon.

Although I've not caught any of the big hybrids that reside here I remember a session that Nic from Avon Angling had they had turned up and gave Nic a right run around.

They do fight surprisingly well these canal hybrids and they are definitely worth catching in these turbid waters. Talking of which I do seem to have the canals to myself these days. 

Where the heck are the other anglers, especially when walking up to the spot a bream rolled near some reeds which meant it showed me where to park ones backside.

I love using the lift method when fishing canals and combined with a centre pin and a 11ft 1.5TC rod an ideal combination.

Naturally I had zander rod out but that zander rod was untouched whilst I was there for around two and a half hours.

Simple tactics some groundbait and maggots as bait. In around 45 minutes I managed 4 bream all of a similar size and all lifted the float nicely from a pimple to being 3 or 4 inches erect in a split second.

I don't know why bream get such a bad rap from certainly angling quarters because I don't mind catching them especially on light tackle.

Now sadly a boater who decided that it would be a great idea to plough through my swim full throttle put a kibosh to proceedings. 

At 6.50am 😐 !!!!

No bacon sandwiches to make, or coffee to drink ?

The problem is you see the canal here is very shallow indeed with the draft of the boat probably only a foot from the bottom so all the debris on the deck is churned up and stirred up big time and it can as I found out to my detriment mean that you're scratching around for bites from the initial thumbs up.

Eventually after the boat went through and the water settled after flowing like a river and then bouncing between locks a bite came out of nowhere and a fish was on.

I knew what it was straight away a Nick Duffy (blog reader ) delight well in around 50 years anyway as it was a small eel that again succumbed to the maggots. And that was my lot, 3 boats in around half an hour I'd be wasting my time and it was time for the off. Still an enjoyable session though, I don't fish this way nearly enough.  

Tuesday 19 April 2022

Transient Towpath Trudging - Pt.15

My enthusiasm is waving at the minute, because let's be honest here, I don't particularly enjoy the local canals if I'm honest and as I've mentioned before it is means to an end. It does help that ones recent results haven't been exactly been session I'd remember and I'm finding it tougher than this time last year.

Now the Hallowed stretch is a different story though because the quarry there is quite a bit different to what I've got at my disposal, well within 15 or so anyway. The reality is the short sessions I prefer is all well and good but it is now starting to limit my options a little.

The Hallowed isn't fishing that well either from those likeminded that have been fishing the stretch and the tench now showing yet, and those silver fish seemingly not in numbers like they once were.

The waters are still to be honest still a tad chilly and take this short session the temperature had actually dropped again not starting to rise like I was hoping it would, so back to early 13's again, not exactly tropical now is it. 

Anyway back to the fishing, again a roving session to try and spot some carp in and amongst the cover and then try and winkle out a Zander using a roach deadbait.

The area I hotfooted it to was covered in surface crud which looked like bush and tree cuttings and it stayed like that till the first lock was opened and the canal turned in to a river. In-fact it was the boat going by that eventually I got a bite on the Zander rod having fished 5 or 6 swims up and till that point. 

Only a small'un and clearly not spawned despite seeing them get it on in one area yesterday. I was also back to a hat as it was 5 degrees when I caught it, back to chilly mornings again like I mentioned before sadly.

Anyway I retraced my steps and out of the blue I spotted a carp after it revealed itself as I was patrolling and gazing at the cover. It was properly tucked up out of the way though so absolutely no way I'd get a bait to it. Riser pellet and bread didn't interest it whatsoever but then I know from past experience carp can be funny buggers. One more quick bite that didn't develop on the Zed rod and that was my lot. Bit bored of this now, so I might pop in prematurely to the Hallowed stretch but this time take some maggots, decisions decisions. 

Monday 18 April 2022

Transient Towpath Trudging - Pt.14

Now a game changer that I stumbled upon recently was the addition of bicarbonate of soda to tenderise chicken. Those tough and chewy supermarket offerings are now edible for the most simple of hacks.

Sprinkle a teaspoon on your chicken and mix and coat the meat and then leave for 20 minutes, wash under water, pat dry and voilà, jobs a good'un.

This rather spicy Thai red curry now full of silky smooth chicken rather than filling testers. Give it a go you won't regret it.

Now a game changer in ones canal Zander fishing was the use of circle hook and the Sakuma 440 size 1's I use not only banked my PB for 11lb 8 ounces but also my canal PB pike of 17lb and 8 ounces. Two proper tackle testers right there and my short <8 foot rods coped admirably. 

Another 11k steps covered to try and track down a canal carp but again as elusive as ever. The water is warming though and almost 14 degrees it didn't take long to spot some topping fish. After an early start and fishing an area I'd spotted some carp recently I decided to up-sticks and fish a rather featureless stretch where carp are also said to reside as well as Zander. 

Anyway at first I thought they were bream spawning or even just rolling on the surface but no on closer inspection they were in-fact spawning Zander. Quite a lot of activity too even away from the mosh pit.

The first dangle of the small roach deadbait in the margins brought an almost instant bite and after a couple of bobs of the float a decent bite developed and a fish was on.

They are can often be very angry and aggressive at this time of year and this fish was taking line after a spirited fight. Not the biggest of Zander, probably not even 4lb but still a fantastic looking fish that looked like it had been in the wars.

It had an open wound under its chin that was leaking some blood. 

A spawning injury not sure but it didn't seem to bother it in any way. With that fish retained in the landing net another quick bite and another Zander succumbed to the whole roach deadbait.

A chap walking his rather large dog stopped for a natter and was amazed I'd caught a couple of fish on this stretch as he hardy sees anglers on this bit of canal.

There is probably a good reason for that because I must admit it is a bit of a trek. That's what I like it though, away from the madding crowd so to speak.

A boat came through and the bites dried up so I left that swim rest and proceeded to the far end of the long straight where there is some nice thick cover.

No carp were spotted and the problem was any bread throw in to try and get any carp tucked away to reveal themselves was hoovered up by the greedy ducks.

The heron (Nic look away !!!) seemed to be very active indeed and took a few small fish whilst I fished and he patrolled the stretch.

A couple of decent looking swims with cover looked good for a bite from Zander but the roach deadbait was untouched so I decided in the end to retrace my steps and fish in the area that produced earlier.

Two more fish decided they would be up for a feed and again caught from the margins not next to cover.

The Zander are definitely on the move now with the water warmer but like I found today they can be very localised indeed and that can often put anglers off.

It's not easy all the time and the amount of canal I had to cover just to get a bite or four shows that it can be hard going but the rewards are there if you put the work in. 

Saturday 16 April 2022

Transient Towpath Trudging - Pt.13

With the waters now warming up nicely I decided to venture over to a stretch of canal where I've seen some carp milling around from time to time.

They are hard to spot because they tend to tuck themselves away among some of the cover but there was one area where they always showed and that was a 30 yard section of reeds. 

Obviously I'd have a Zander rod out as well but it was the carp I came for really. I got bankside quite early and after hotfooting it to the reeds there was signs of fish before even putting some bait in.

Not sure they were carp though, they could well have been bream but at least I knew something was milling around the swim. An hour and a half in with the bread bomb on the surface and also slow sinking not a sausage let alone a carp or a likely bream. I also fed some riser pellet to hopefully tempt any hiding carp to show themselves, but they were suspicious in their absence. 

The deadbait rod also was untouched but this is a canal after all so I went to find some fish. A 10 minute stroll there is a nice section of thick cover where I've caught Zander before and it didn't take long to get a bite either.

The float shooting down the canal at a rate of knots and usually there is only one culprit and that culprit is a schoolie Zander. This stretch always throws up some of the smallest Zander I catch on deadbait but still after a few blank sessions at least it was a fish. 

Another one came 10 minutes after and I thought I'd stumbled upon a group of them, but no those two fish were the only ones I managed to catch.

The carp were no where to be seen either and after the group of 9 cyclists went by as well as quite a few dog walkers and gongoozlers it was time for the off as I just wasn't enjoying it. I'll be back though because not far away is an area I've spotted carp as recently as a couple of weeks ago. 
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