Saturday 9 April 2022

Transient Towpath Trudging - Pt. 9

Times are hard in the Newey household with the heating set to "put an extra layer on", so a much needed mercy mission to my sisters to collect some wood that was gathering all manner of creep crawlies, meant that the Jimny's boot was put to the test. 

Those already impatient drivers from Coventry and the surrounding areas not only had to contend with countless roadworks hence their miserable faces but now a Jimny struggling to gain momentum on any hills more than about 1 in 2.  

Hardknott Pass in the lakes would have been a no no, well saying that I could have put it in low range and it would have been a doddle, but you could probably have run faster.  

Anyway back to the wood, to be fair my sister couldn't be bothered to pay for a skip you see this was just one of many trip hazards her household needed to get shot of, so my dilemma was their gain. Still I'm not complaining especially when thankfully it had been covered up outside and luckily the wood is drier than the Atacama desert.

Thankfully the weather looks a little more spring like heading in to next weekend where hopefully those morning frosts would be a distance memory. This short post work afternoon session I woke up to another frost though, what's going on. Now what isn't a distant memory though is this area of the Grand Union that to be be honest didn't quite deliver its promise.

I think a 7lber was my biggest from this stretch but it was a couple of sessions where I caught multiple Zander all from one area of cover that I've never forgotten about. They were those very rare session for Zander where it was difficult to keep both baits in the water at the same time. Bite after bite, run after run !!!!

And that's why for me fishing with my overdepth float set-up works so well as the bites are so visible and you know exactly what's going on under the water. The best was a 12 fish haul, a haul where the Canal and Rivers Trust if they found the location might well have been adding that desert wine or warm brandy palate cleanser to their Christmas party meal fund courtesy of Billingsgate Market.  

Now what a strange session, I caught a fish quite early on after a missed bite and it came back for seconds but >14,000 steps, two different canal networks and conversation with a lure guy who put me on to an area I've fished before that threw up a decent Zander recently. It looked a double from the pic, but not sure of the 17lb claim, and apparently it was caught on a creature bait, I bet that was one hell of a battle !!!!

It's amazing how warmer a shallower canal is though, 8.6 degrees verses 7.4 degrees for the Grand Union, but both canals I struggled for bites. The exact spot where the fish was caught was quickly found and despite being biteless for an hour or so I'll give the area another go tomorrow I think.  

With the weather improving I quite fancy fishing for canal carp and on the way back to the car I bumped in to Buffalo Si from River Masters who treads the same towpaths as I do. 

He stupidly is on a mission to catch a canal double and to be honest he is on the right path as the waters he has been fishing has thrown up big fish in the past.

But let's be honest here canal Zander fishing in these quarters are not as easy as you think. Bites can often be hard to come by as he's found out. He's spotted some carp on his own towpath trudging and catch a 17lber if I recall. Anyway a couple of areas to try, I'll just wait till the waters warm up a bit. I've some time off work the week after next so hopefully a great time to try for one. 


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