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Monday 11 April 2022

Transient Towpath Trudging - Pt.10

There’s a bit of a legend around the origins of dopiaza. It was invented by accident when the cook of a Moghul emperor accidentally added way too many onions to a dish. Good thing the emperor liked onions. This could have ended badly for that cook.

The cook’s name was Do Piaza. His name lives on in this dish. Seems unlikely but who am I to question legend. It’s a good story anyway. And it’s a great curry. One that’s been refined over the years.

Now talking about legends, when I swapped between stretches of canals the session prior to this in the rush to get bankside I completely forgot to close the levers on ones fishing rod / sky holders.

To be fair I did question like I always do whether or not I'd closed them or not but then I do that all the time and it's never been an issue.  

So how the heck they stayed on for the 4.5miles trip God only knows. The rubber is sticky to be fair and I wasn't exactly throwing the car round the bends, but the engineering DFEMA must have been a well thought out one lets put it that way, they must have factored in the stupid. 

Luckily the majority of the journey was on country lanes as I wouldn't want to know the ending if I joined the M40 at 60mph.  

To be honest that was the highlight of the morning that the rods lived to tell the tale. 

The fishing on the other hand was tough as old boots Sooooooo many swims fished without a bite I decided to venture off-piste to look at the little stream that runs parallel to this stretch of canal. I didn't spot any fish mind you but an interesting little brook that looked good for a brownie.

The sheep and lambs seemed to be enjoying lapping up the elixir this tiny waterway had to offer. The Zander were suspicious in their absence let alone the apparent 17lber (certainly a double) caught in this area a few months ago.

With the weather warming up I fancy trying to locate some canal carp. Zander fishing can be tricky this time of year when the are thinking about spawning, but this is the time to catch them when they are at their biggest. 


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