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Monday 27 February 2012

River Stour - 26.02.12

Met up with my friend Simon for a morning session on the Stour, this time at Halford Bridge. I stupidly didn't read my Shipston book as it was clearly stated in the book, there was an open match on. Luckily there was some of the river that wasn't going to be fished. Simple bread tactics on a link ledger again, I quickly had a couple of small Chub up to about 1.5lb, they really were in mint condition too.

I was fishing a nice and compact swim that seems to be alive with fish. Mainly Minnows I suppose but more than I've seen on the Avon recently.

Seemed to be a natural holding place for fish as it was at the end of a fast bit of water where it narrows just past Halford bridge. Biggest Chub I managed was around 2.5 lb and again, in mint condition.

The last fish caused quite a disturbance so I went roving for a bit and tried a few more swims. Lots of knocks on the tip but couldn't connect. My friend Simon blanked, I think his KabOOM!!! approach to feeder fishing doesn't help :)

Monday 20 February 2012

River Stour - 20.02.12

Had a quick roving Chub session at the Stour at Honington Bridge, Shipston On Stour. Simple tactics, A size 10 specimen hook tied direct to 6lb Drennan Double strength line with a couple of float stops holding a small length of flourocarbon fitted with a single Preston 3SGG Jumbo locking shot. I've tried small feeders, running rigs using those tiny Guru leads and even lead clips, but for Chub I've had more success using a link ledger rig.

From my previous post I thought I'll try the Jeff Hatt punch bread method, so with a 30mm dia piece, compressed, folded in half and hooked I tried the same swim I fished a few weeks ago.

I've never been that confident fishing with bread, is it still on the hook ? I think the beauty of the bait and rig method is you do as little as possible with it, I always try and underarm cast, watch the bread sink and then sit and wait, avoid tightening the line as much as possible. As shown in Jeff's article the bread swells around the hook keeping it on. Anyway within a minute some knocks of the rod tip and a violent pull I was into a Chub straight away. I use a John Wilson 11ft Avon Quiver and a cracking fight it was too as it tried to get into every snag and undercut. A tad under 4lb, and a lovely fat looking fish.

I released it downstream but the swim was probably disrupted too much. I tried a few more swims, liquidised bread feed and breadflake on the hook but sadly no more fish. Lots of indication on the rod tip but I think the bread was being attacked by the minnows. Started to get a bit windy too so I called it a day.

Friday 17 February 2012

Bread - Back to Basics

After reading Jeff Hatt's http://idlersquest.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-way-with-bread.html brilliant piece on fishing with bread, for a couple of quid I managed to find some small round pastry cutters on Ebay. Biggest diameter about 30mm the smallest about 12mm.

I'm off to the Stour tomorrow morning so going to give his method a try.

Monday 13 February 2012

Wasperton - 12.02.12

I was eager to get on the bank after the recent cold spell, I had some sardines in the freezer and as it was still a bit chilly out I didn't fancy being stuck in one spot. So the plan was to trot a bait down the Avon with a big float and also use a lure rod with a roach replicant.

I started at the S Bend trying various swims, hidey-holes and slack areas where the Pike might be hiding out, not even a sniff on either sadly. ( Spot the dead sheep ) :(

Shame really as the Avon looked in fine fettle with ice still in the margins. Wasn't clear mind as there was still some colour in it. I thought a sea bait would lure them out as I've had success with them in the past.

Back to the Stour next weekend.
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