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...the diary of a specialist angler in around the Warwickshire Avon and its tributaries.

Monday 25 March 2013

Centre Parcs Elveden - 15.03.13 to 22.03.13

I did a bit of Googling before the week at Centre Parcs Elvedon with the family but couldn't find a huge amount of information. The main large lake contains a decent head of carp and the smaller surrounding lakes decent rudd, smaller carp and silvers.

With the car full of luggage and kid related gear I packed my 10ft specialist rod with centrepin, landing net and small tackle bag. We had booked Cedar woodland lodge 161 for the week which was yards from the main lake and the plan was to fish a couple of hours each morning before we ventured to the fantastic indoor waterpark. This was the view of the lake opposite our woodland lodge.

Monday morning I was greeted with this misty covered lake, and it looked stunning. 

I fished sweetcorn on a size 14 hook and fished a small float close in, first fish was a small carp and gave a good account for itself, bites were frequent and after a few decent roach and skimmers I hooked in to something that was just plodding around.

When it surfaced I was amazed, the biggest Perch I'd ever caught. Sadly no scales with me but I would be suprised if it was under 3lb, it was a proper fat fish and in stunning condition. If I knew there were decent Perch in the lake I'd have come armed with lobworms.

The rest of the week was much the same, decent roach, small carp and silvers. I did try the proper allocated pegs at the hotel end of the lake but didn't do any good, the carp anglers found the same as most fish seemed to be caught on the bank opposite the hotel where our lodge was and a hotspot seemed to be the floating platform for the cable ski at the very corner of the lake.

A mid-week fishing permit cost 14.50 and you have to display one of those wrist paper tags on your fishing bag but all the time I was there I was never asked. I'd happily go to CentreParcs every year as the kids get so much out of it, next time however I might take two rods, one a method feeder sleeper rod for the carp and Tench and a margin float rod baited with lobworms.

Changing subject, it looks like Stratford-Upon-Avon angling association are struggling financially, subs, water booking and day ticket sales down not helped by the weather I suppose. A real possibility they might have to relinquish some of their waters or at worst wind the association up. There is an AGM Sunday the 7th of April, 1pm at the Embassy Club, Rother Street, Stratford-Upon-Avon. One of my favorite venues Hampton Lucy Brook is on the Stratford AA book, hopefully they can get it sorted.

More web exposure would help in my opinion, even a website such as Leamington AA's would be a good start.

Sunday 10 March 2013

The Brook - 10.03.13

My last river session before the close season and I blanked, only took the lure rod and tried quite a few swims for a couple of hours.

River was up but surprisingly clear but sadly no takers, I left when the sleet was coming down. The first Shanghai AA match will be in April, so I'm looking forward to those starting, always good fun.

Monday 4 March 2013

The Brook - 03.03.13

I had a night out with my mate Simon Friday and he lives yards from the Stour where he live in Honington just outside Stratford-Upon-Avon, the plan was to fish in the morning to sort the hangover out but didn't sadly never happened. With a fuzzy head an English breakfast happened instead and I decided to fish Sunday, and yes you've guessed it, I ended up at Hampton Lucy Brook.

Spring is only the way by the looks of it and cannot come soon enough, I've already caught a 5lb Chub from here this season and I wanted to try and catch another one. They do average a decent size on this stretch of the Avon but where are the smaller ones, as I cannot catch them   ?

River was low and clear and tried a few swims before getting some indications on the rod tip, hair-rigged bread discs really do seem to work well and wasn't long before I had a decent Chub in the net, not worth weighing but looked around 3.5 pound.

I'm glad the close season is nearly upon us, hopefully the rivers can recover after the amount of floodwater we have had and it was all getting very samey for me. The Shanghai AA matches are due to start up again so and I'm going to give Snitterfield reservoir more of a go as I feel it has potential for some big fish.
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