Piscatorial Quagswagging

...the diary of a specialist angler in around the Warwickshire Avon and its tributaries.

Tuesday 26 April 2011

College Pool - 25.04.11

Back to the same swim for an early morning session, lovely day it was too.

Sadly my Perch attack failed miserably really, far too many small ones around that quick ate all my Lobworms. Also fished some prawns but couldn't connect to any big'uns, caught about 40 / 50 of the little pests though, did manage a nice Tench of about a 1.5lb

Noticed some Carp where feeding off the top so moved swims and surface fished some bread. The nicest way to catch Carp in my book, within 5 mins I had bagged myself a lovely mirror of about 8 / 9lb. Great fight too. I was the only one fishing at College Pool before I left at 11.30am, everyone else sensibly tucked up in bed.

I'll be back to College Pool soon, but probably do an evening session again, this time with a float I can see :)

Sunday 24 April 2011

College Pool after Perch - 22.04.11

Never caught a big perch from College Pool, then again never really targetted them in anger. Didn't have a good start, was pushing my bankstick into the ground and the Korum rest snapped, cutting my hand. :)

You can see the broken rest it in the pic above. A few other anglers here today, why someone is happy to sit behind carp rods and alarms on this sort of venue is beyond me, especially when all he appeared to be doing was nattering to his Wife :)

Anyway was fishing a little Drennan Bobber overdepth in the Margins, bait was lobworm and I fed chopped worm. I fished from 6.00pm to 9.00pm and sadly no Perch. Did manage two nice carp though and both in superb condition, mint. Brilliant fight on light tackle with the rod bent double. I also lost a bigger one that literally I couldn't do anything about. First was 9lb 8oz and the second was 10lb 6oz. I'll be back again, I love this venue especially in the evening.

Saturday 9 April 2011

Tunnel Barn Shrewley - 08.04.11 SAIC fishing competition

Fantastic weather and my first time @ Tunnel Barn, not my favorite sort of venue but every six weeks or so we have a competition between contractors in various Automotive OEM's. Only 11 of us today and we we fishing House Pool, I got peg 18 and was fishing 6" deep right in the margin on waggler / maggot with a float rod. You can see a couple of F1's in this picture.

Tight into the margin got the bigger F1's, the biggest I got was 3lb's. Missed countless bites, lost a couple of big carp due to the size 16 barbless hook I suppose. Anyway I finished 3rd with 41lb, the winner had 62lb. I'm no match angler not my bag really and at tunnel barn dare I say it, it was a bit too easy to catch fish :)

Sunday 3 April 2011

College Pool - 03.04.11 My first stillwater Barbel

Was planning to fish Snitterfield Reservoir today, but last min change and I glad I did. Bagged my first College Pool Barbel :) Only about 5lb ish but in mint condition, really did fight well too. Plastic corn topped halibut pellet.
Got there early this morning and counted 20 Swans, for the first 2 hours I felt like packing up and going home, they wanted bait more than the fish :) . 2 more Anglers there today, the chap that turned up just as I caught the Barbel had a couple of Carp when I let at midday and the chap next to me who was fishing maggot didn't even have a bite. I had a couple of more runs on the pellet but didn't connect and some knocks on the worm / maggot, a slow day but one that ended well. Anyone know if they are stocked Barbel or did they get in College Pool when the Warwickshire Avon flooded ?

Need to sort myself out a decent camera, the iphone4 ain't the best looking at these. :(

Canal @ Bearley, Stratford Upon Avon - 02.04.11

Took Ben for a stroll at the canal down the road, gave the Wife some relaxing time as the next one is due in 6 weeks, was looking at potential places to fish, compared to yesterday what a fantastic day.

Quite a few fish topping and spotted a small dead Zander on the bank, even managed to get a few carp to surface feed on chum mixer.

Defintely going to give this area a go for Pike, Perch and the Zander in the future. Never caught a Zander it's one to cross off the list.

Saturday 2 April 2011

College Pool - 01.04.11

A Stag Do last weekend so nice to get out on the bank again, the weather report was wrong, not a very nice day at all. It was windy and not even that warm. I got to College Pool for 3.30pm, 3 anglers were present, a lost carp, a small Barbel and a Bream between them. I fished at the far side of the pool, the deep end. Had a sleeper rod out with a plastic corn tipped pellet and fished close in with maggots and lobs on a waggler.

Bites didn't really start coming till 6.00pm, lost a decent carp on the sleeper rod, these college pool carp really do fight well, no sign of the big Perch sadly but managed to bag myself a nice carp about 6 / 7 lb on the waggler and worm, on light float tackle a cracking fight too.

I left at 8.00pm but by 7.00pm the pool came alive, fishing topping everywhere and some big'uns too. as the nights are getting lighter I might give the evenings more of a go. Not a great afternoon at College Pool but when the water is warmer it makes a huge difference.
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