Saturday, 2 April 2011

College Pool - 01.04.11

A Stag Do last weekend so nice to get out on the bank again, the weather report was wrong, not a very nice day at all. It was windy and not even that warm. I got to College Pool for 3.30pm, 3 anglers were present, a lost carp, a small Barbel and a Bream between them. I fished at the far side of the pool, the deep end. Had a sleeper rod out with a plastic corn tipped pellet and fished close in with maggots and lobs on a waggler.

Bites didn't really start coming till 6.00pm, lost a decent carp on the sleeper rod, these college pool carp really do fight well, no sign of the big Perch sadly but managed to bag myself a nice carp about 6 / 7 lb on the waggler and worm, on light float tackle a cracking fight too.

I left at 8.00pm but by 7.00pm the pool came alive, fishing topping everywhere and some big'uns too. as the nights are getting lighter I might give the evenings more of a go. Not a great afternoon at College Pool but when the water is warmer it makes a huge difference.

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  1. As we've all found out (often to our cost!), the Carp in the pool fight like demons and even modest sized fish can cause problems.

    As the weather warms up, the fish are suckers for floating baits. Nothing fancy needed either - just plain old bread fished towards a feature usually does the trick. Then it's a case of hold tight and pray!


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