Sunday, 3 April 2011

College Pool - 03.04.11 My first stillwater Barbel

Was planning to fish Snitterfield Reservoir today, but last min change and I glad I did. Bagged my first College Pool Barbel :) Only about 5lb ish but in mint condition, really did fight well too. Plastic corn topped halibut pellet.
Got there early this morning and counted 20 Swans, for the first 2 hours I felt like packing up and going home, they wanted bait more than the fish :) . 2 more Anglers there today, the chap that turned up just as I caught the Barbel had a couple of Carp when I let at midday and the chap next to me who was fishing maggot didn't even have a bite. I had a couple of more runs on the pellet but didn't connect and some knocks on the worm / maggot, a slow day but one that ended well. Anyone know if they are stocked Barbel or did they get in College Pool when the Warwickshire Avon flooded ?

Need to sort myself out a decent camera, the iphone4 ain't the best looking at these. :(

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  1. Nice Barbel Mick. I saw one come out last week too, but they rarely end up in my net though! I don't think I've had one for 3 seasons now.

    They go a fair old size in there - 7-8lb for certain and I wouldn't be surprised if a double came out, judging by the growth of the Carp. I don't know when the Barbel went in there or their origin, but they've been in as long as I've fished the pool (which is back to the mid 90s on and off).

    The Avon can't flood as far as the pool - if it ever did it would be a job for Noah!


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