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...the diary of a specialist angler in around the Warwickshire Avon and its tributaries.

Monday 30 June 2014

Shanghai AC match - Barston Lakes

A bit short on numbers for this match and it ended up being quite a close. Everyone caught but the carp didn't show so the main weights were made up from bream. Breesy even managed a few small Barbel.

We had some of the most torrential rain I have ever experience during fishing, maybe that put the fish off as usually the bigger carp show for the last hour and that's prime method feeder territory. I caught steadily from the off on both fake maggot and red pop-up boilie but knew from Rich who was fishing next to me I was always on the catch-up. Half hour before the match I fished the Blythe behind my swim but only had a few knocks to show for it.


Tuesday 24 June 2014

Like buses...

I'm usually the only angler as the Brook, and yet a quick impromptu session again last night there were loads of anglers, the car park was full. The first few weeks of the season are usually the same though and isn't a precedent for how the rest of the year will go.

I cobbled together my trotting rod and garish centrepin and planned to fish meat on the hook. I've used this method before with success especially early season when there is plenty of streamer weed and the water low and clear. A large Preston shot allows the meat to drag bottom and you can explore lots of water.

I tried a few swims before landing a Chub that was in superb condition, not the biggest but it was fit as butchers dog and gave me a proper scrap especially as it wanted to get in to every snag.

That was the only fish I managed but it was nice to explore all the swims I'm already very familiar with as in a month or so I'll be trying for a Barbel.

That's the last trip to the Brook for a while, apart from a Shanghai AA match at Barston lakes on Friday it's the new venues for me from now on. Just need to buy some lobworms.

Thursday 19 June 2014

We're off and running.....

The first session of the new season was sadly going to be a short one. It’s the same every year around the time, I’m busier than a one legged man in an arse kicking contest and which means not enough time on the bank. I’m lucky though as my favourite venue on the Warwickshire Avon is just down the road and with my rod already made up I can be fishing within 15 minutes.

The plan for this evening was simple, I was after an early season Barbel. I didn’t really have the time to rove around as I do like trotting so I ventured to a swim where I have caught Barbel before. A simple bait and wait approach, a couple of bait droppers full of mixed pellets and hemp and a couple of sausage sizzle squabs as bait.

I’ve changed my rig for this season, an inline stonze, a short coated braid hooklink with some coating removed an inch before the size 12 hook. I use a centrepin which tends to restrict my casting and I found a longer hooklength was a hindrance, I just couldn’t place the bait as accurate as I’d liked. The stonze looks less obtrusive on the river bed than a lead so hopefully less likely to spook the fish.

I like to travel light when I’m river fishing as most sessions I cover lots of ground and quite a few swims so I usually have a rod, a landing net, an unhooking mat and a rucksack. My rucksack was a bit worse for wear so I’ve bought a Wychwood solace bait bucket as it doubles up as a seats as well as holding all my bait, rig bits, scales etc.

It took a good couple of hours before any decent indications on the rod tip and sure enough a whacking bite a fish was on. Even though the river is low as it narrows towards the end of the swim the fish was putting up a decent fight and was trying to get itself in the far bank cover. A characteristic Chub fight. It was a decent length and obviously been in the wars but a nice looking fish. It weighed 3lb 13oz, not a bad start to the new season.

I stopped for another half an hour and the rod tip remained motionless so called it a day before the bats came out. I joined a couple of others anglers and headed back to the carpark. They didn’t have any Barbel either but caught Chub. I'm so glad to be back on running water.

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Groundhog Day !!!

The annual lads trip to Ibiza got in the way of the 16th but I'll hopefully get out on the bank in the next few days. Luckily my youngest is keeping me entertained as I'm chomping at the bit.

Monday 9 June 2014

Out with the old in with the new...

So the new season is nearly upon us and I've loads of new water to explore this year. I'm not renewing the river Arrow Broom stretch as although it was only 20 quid a year I didn't gel with it. The neighbouring main road noise spoilt an otherwise tranquil tributary of the Warwickshire Avon. To replace it, I can now fish National Trusts Charlecote Park which is picturesque stretch of the river set within it's deer park and grounds just downstream of Hampton Lucy.

The Stratford-Upon-Avon book is staying because it allows me to fish my favorite area of the Avon and I've also bought a Warwick book for a meager £17. Not only will it allow me to fish the ressi for £2.50 but it gives me access to another few miles of flowing water, Hopyards, Myton Road and the Saxon mill. My Leamington book has also been renewed because I fish their waters the most and there are some river carp I want to try and catch.

I had a Zander and a reservoir session last week, nothing of size caught but managed 5 Zander, 8 Crucians and lots of small Tench.

 We are on the countdown to the 15th, Happy days.

Monday 2 June 2014

Shanghai AC match - Shrewley Pools

Friday afternoon was one of the regular Shanghai AC's matches. The venue was Shrewley pools, a new venue to all of us. A bit of googling it appeared from the limited information that it was full of carp and the margins were worth targeting. I drew peg 7 but with Dave Roberts unhappy with his peg 6 because the close proximity of overhead trees impeding his casting I moved to his peg whilst he moved to unoccupied peg 3.

I fed the left hand margin whilst fished a rod length out for the first hour. Action was slow to start with but with the first indications there were fish in the margin swim I switched. This proved a good move as it was non stop action from that point onwards. Mostly the fish were in good condition which was nice to see but as it's not a heavily match fished venue that's to be expected. I lost some fish too but still managed to win with 86lb 8oz, Steve Breese was 2nd with 41lb 12oz's and 3rd was Dave Roberts with 40lb. Fish averaged 2 or 3lb with a couple around 6 or 7. Baits that worked for me was krill paste pellets and aldi cat meat topped with a bit of corn.A far nicer setting than Tunnel Barn and a stones throw away too, go and give it a try you won't fail to catch.

Enough of this match fishing, Zander for me again this week. Now where is the lens cleaner.

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