Tuesday 24 June 2014

Like buses...

I'm usually the only angler as the Brook, and yet a quick impromptu session again last night there were loads of anglers, the car park was full. The first few weeks of the season are usually the same though and isn't a precedent for how the rest of the year will go.

I cobbled together my trotting rod and garish centrepin and planned to fish meat on the hook. I've used this method before with success especially early season when there is plenty of streamer weed and the water low and clear. A large Preston shot allows the meat to drag bottom and you can explore lots of water.

I tried a few swims before landing a Chub that was in superb condition, not the biggest but it was fit as butchers dog and gave me a proper scrap especially as it wanted to get in to every snag.

That was the only fish I managed but it was nice to explore all the swims I'm already very familiar with as in a month or so I'll be trying for a Barbel.

That's the last trip to the Brook for a while, apart from a Shanghai AA match at Barston lakes on Friday it's the new venues for me from now on. Just need to buy some lobworms.


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