Monday, 2 June 2014

Shanghai AC match - Shrewley Pools

Friday afternoon was one of the regular Shanghai AC's matches. The venue was Shrewley pools, a new venue to all of us. A bit of googling it appeared from the limited information that it was full of carp and the margins were worth targeting. I drew peg 7 but with Dave Roberts unhappy with his peg 6 because the close proximity of overhead trees impeding his casting I moved to his peg whilst he moved to unoccupied peg 3.

I fed the left hand margin whilst fished a rod length out for the first hour. Action was slow to start with but with the first indications there were fish in the margin swim I switched. This proved a good move as it was non stop action from that point onwards. Mostly the fish were in good condition which was nice to see but as it's not a heavily match fished venue that's to be expected. I lost some fish too but still managed to win with 86lb 8oz, Steve Breese was 2nd with 41lb 12oz's and 3rd was Dave Roberts with 40lb. Fish averaged 2 or 3lb with a couple around 6 or 7. Baits that worked for me was krill paste pellets and aldi cat meat topped with a bit of corn.A far nicer setting than Tunnel Barn and a stones throw away too, go and give it a try you won't fail to catch.

Enough of this match fishing, Zander for me again this week. Now where is the lens cleaner.


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