Piscatorial Quagswagging

...the diary of a specialist angler in around the Warwickshire Avon and its tributaries.

Friday 29 July 2011

Wasperton - 28.07.11 (Glutton for punishment)

Well water very low and clear, not caught anything at Wasperton for 3 attempts so decided to go back and try and mend things. I know there are decent fish in the stretch I fish. No one else fishing the BAA stretch this evening so baited a some swims and gave 1/2 hour max in each. Big fat Lamprey pellet on the hook, braid hooklength and stonze lead. Caught a nice pristine Chublet within 1/2 hour, things were looking up I thought :)

However that was it :( had quite a few knocks in low light but sadly no four foot wrap arounds. A big carp or Barbel launched itself out of the water just in-front of me but didn't get tempted with my bait. Oh well at least I didn't blank, we need lots of rain to give it a flush through and the weed seems to be as thick as ever. Fantastic evening though, lovely.

Friday 15 July 2011

Wasperton - 14.07.2011 - I despair....

Got a new car to replace the Jag, a Subaru Forester 2.5XT. Bit of a come down really, 400hp / 400lb/ft in the Jag vs 230hp / 230lb/ft in the Subaru, good thing though is I can now venture to swims that I wouldn’t normally fish and I can now fit the pram in the boot :). Only fished a couple of hours tonight, the propeller peg at BAA’s Wasperton stretch. Never fished it before but full over cover for Chub and Barbel looked ideal, very clear and slow though, better get the excuses in early. A few pegs down were two other anglers fishing, sharing the same car obviously as they proceeded to talk loudly / shout at each other from across their swims. Luckily they left at around 9.30pm, not before they were playing football with the dog they brought along and when passing they beeped their horn, It’s not like I didn’t notice they were there, I despair. Strange I only ever seem to have incidents when I fish a BAA water.

Anyway back to the fishing, fished a margin rod with luncheon meat and also a feeder rod with halibut pellet on the hook and halibut groundbait and various sizes of pellet in the mix. Had a run on the margin rod but sods law was taking a pee and didn’t get to the rod in time. Fished an hour into dark and decided to switch to meat on the feeder rod, was getting those Chub hard and sharp plucks on the tip but not giving me time to react, when I eventually reeled the rig in the bait was gone. It’s was Morisson’s cheap luncheon meat which seemed really soft, that isn’t going to help now is it. 3 time I've blanked at Wasperton not good, lots of swims down here that look good so might take a more roving approach next time.
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