Monday, 21 March 2011

Snitterfield Reservoir 20.03.11

First time I've fished Snitterfield Reservoir, only takes me 5 mins to get there too so I was looking forward to giving it a go. Anyway having a busy afternoon with the family planned, this was the scene at 6.00am

I fished a sleeper rod with a large pellet and PVA back and corn and small red hook pellets on the waggler close in. Water was chilly and literally no fish topping I had a biteless hour. Eventually caught a small roach on hook pellet. By about 10.00am it was getting busy, I blagged some maggots to see if that would help things but still hard going with only small Roach to speak of.

Had a couple of line bites on the sleep rod and that was it. Started to warm up when I left at midday so it might have fished a bit better but out of the 9 anglers there today, everyone was either blanking or catching small stuff. Still early for this sort of venue I suppose, as it's deep it takes an age to warm up. I'll certainly give it a go in another couple of months when the weed has grown and also when the fish are more active. Lovely spring morning to be out though, isn't this what fishing is all about.


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