Saturday 16 April 2022

Transient Towpath Trudging - Pt.13

With the waters now warming up nicely I decided to venture over to a stretch of canal where I've seen some carp milling around from time to time.

They are hard to spot because they tend to tuck themselves away among some of the cover but there was one area where they always showed and that was a 30 yard section of reeds. 

Obviously I'd have a Zander rod out as well but it was the carp I came for really. I got bankside quite early and after hotfooting it to the reeds there was signs of fish before even putting some bait in.

Not sure they were carp though, they could well have been bream but at least I knew something was milling around the swim. An hour and a half in with the bread bomb on the surface and also slow sinking not a sausage let alone a carp or a likely bream. I also fed some riser pellet to hopefully tempt any hiding carp to show themselves, but they were suspicious in their absence. 

The deadbait rod also was untouched but this is a canal after all so I went to find some fish. A 10 minute stroll there is a nice section of thick cover where I've caught Zander before and it didn't take long to get a bite either.

The float shooting down the canal at a rate of knots and usually there is only one culprit and that culprit is a schoolie Zander. This stretch always throws up some of the smallest Zander I catch on deadbait but still after a few blank sessions at least it was a fish. 

Another one came 10 minutes after and I thought I'd stumbled upon a group of them, but no those two fish were the only ones I managed to catch.

The carp were no where to be seen either and after the group of 9 cyclists went by as well as quite a few dog walkers and gongoozlers it was time for the off as I just wasn't enjoying it. I'll be back though because not far away is an area I've spotted carp as recently as a couple of weeks ago. 


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