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Friday 16 September 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Trapped Nerves and Traumatology

I seem to be falling apart at the minute, tendonitis mainly because 3 years of working from home mostly and always behind the screen has taken its toll. Almost tennis elbow I suppose where pain in my elbow spreads to my arm which can ache most of the day. I've busted a gut of late and suffering for it as the keyboard bashing and the mouse twiddling has come back to bite me big time. 

A Gyro ball seems to be helping as well as stretching and using an ice compress and also swapping to a vertical mouse, so I'm not ready to ring the medical peeps just yet even though thankfully being a permi now I can go private. 

But then out of the blue a twinge in my back before I went to bed I woke at 4.30am with the most painful sciatic pain that I haven't felt for years and years. 
I've learnt from experiencing it for a a horrible 6 mths where I had to use a kneeling chair and to seek the services of a chiropractor , I need to keep mobile if I can. 

So that's exactly what I did, pacing up and down the living room, starting from a slow shuffle to a normal walk over the space of a couple of hours. Thankfully sitting wasn't too bad so with some CAD to get ticked off for this week I dug out Ben's 'Slothy' hot water bottle and was logging on to the first meeting at 7.30am with one of the Chinese suppliers. 

By midday I was lagging and was umming and ahing whether to break out the Buckfast that has been stuck in the booze cupboard for over 4 years. Some alcohol to ease the pain off and some caffeine to perk me up, it was tempting I must admit and having sat there half an hour looking at it, certainly a slippery slope, so nope I put it back and took some ibuprofen instead and refilled the 'Slothy' and didn't join the lit of the 'lockdown drinkers' 

Luckily my trapped nerve eased itself up throughout the day so much so I decided to go fishing. I'm hoping it is a one off and if I avoid the nettle jumping, stream wading and wardrobe jumping for a few days hopefully I'll be right as rain again !!!

Anyway (stupidly) I decided to go up to the top of the convenient syndicate stretch this time where the water is a bit pacier and I could park behind my swim and after fishing a few swims for chub on bread I'd settle in a swim and fish for a barbel. It didn't take too long to catch a chub either a 3lb nearly did me over in a featured filled swim when as the bite developed it bolted straight under some cover.

A couple more swims nothing and with the nerve getting trapped from time to time I wasn't exactly enjoying it so I decided to return back to the swim I caught the chub from and fish in to dusk and beyond for a barbel.

There was a lovely sunset all is good in the world again but that was the excitement over as the barbel rod apart from one small chub pull there was no action at all. My back by this time really was telling me what the heck are you doing so I left half an hour after dusk with another barbel blank. 

As I'm typing this I didn't have a very good night at all my trapped nerve protesting against the evenings angling escapades. Will I get out the weekend I'm not sure because I think my body is telling me "what the heck are you doing !!!" 


  1. Sure all, thankfully feel much better now with chilling for a while, nerve not trapped any more either which is good !!!


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