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Monday 19 September 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Bait Snatchers and Ballistocardiographs

An early start this one as with a busy day ahead if I didn't get out for sunrise then I wouldn't have managed any fishing whatsoever. A tad chilly initially but the clear fresh air was most welcome as I'd been housebound for much of the week. 

I'd a few maggots in the bait fridge so a waggler and some groundbait to kick the swim off I just fancied a few bites without doing anything too strenuous. 

It didn't take long to get the fish feeding but with it being gin clear mainly bleak but with a smattering of roach and dace as well.

The swim has some depth but despite trying to get the maggots past the bleak as quickly as I could those shoals of roach that reside just didn't show whatsoever. 

With a few of the smaller baits retained I put a livebait out from time to time but nothing doing in the main bay swim so I went for a rove. 

The first swim with cover a small perch buried the float and nailed the bait within a few minutes of being out but despite fishing a couple of similar swims that was the only predator action I got. 

Till I got back to the main swim that is, because with the landing net in the margins out of the blue a pike decided to attack it and at one point the net and pole was headed swimward.

Sure enough an underarm chuck of a ten a penny bleak the pike took it straight away and bolted it when it felt the resistance. 

A decent bend in the rod but after a couple of runs and one jump where it came clear of the water it was soon in the net.

A nice fish of around 8lb and worth getting out but as soon as the same rose above the river the bites even from the small fish dried up completely. Not unexpected but improved my wellbeing no end, I'm an angler after all and just that right amount of solitude I needed before the day gets busy.  


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