Friday 19 August 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Spirit Lifters and Splanchnology

Ok I just wanted a bite or two !!

After the blank yesterday a bend in the rod was needed to quell the post holiday blues. 

Now this area has always held some decent chub over the years and this one particular swim especially, is where often you can catch multiple fish as long as you retain the first fish, and then the others post capture. 

It helps that the fish are usually located at the end of the 40 / 50 metre run down, because drag them away from the mosh pit the other revellers don't notice some of their brethren are missing.
It's fairly shallow and with plenty of cover they feel at home here. 

Especially when as I was passing this swim the other day, I noticed a tree had fallen ever further riverward providing an even larger sun canopy to any waiting Chevin held up in their recliners, supping on their Bend Over Shirley's.

Raspberry Vodka, Sprite soda and Rose's grenadine syrup btw, with maraschino cherries the much needed garnish to this summery spirit lifter. Now a cherry on the top would be nice for me right now on this Chevin chase.

You see my best Warwickshire Avon chub of 5lb and 15 ounces was a chunk of spam away from a 6lber, which in these quarters ain't a bad fish. Well I say that because the chub seemingly have been getting bigger and bigger over the years, so much so, the probability of catching has changed from 'when' and not 'where'. 

Best laid plans and all that because two missed bites where two big chub came up and took the bread without being hooked, after that nought. The wind didn't help and also with a smattering of rain. 

In two hours all I could muster up was this tiny chublet that grabbed some slow sinking bread on the drop. The bigger fish were suspicious in their absence so time to give Sam's Cadence competition winning 4.7m pole an outing and fish for anything that comes, so out with the maggots !!


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