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Monday 29 August 2022

Canal Zander - The Hallowed II Chronicles Pt.7

Every time I arrive waterside here I am always amazed at the colour of the water, you see being from Bards country the boat traffic colours up the water significantly, and it was only in the lockdowns I got to realise just how shallow many of the local canals are.

They went clear, proper clear and not only did the bait fish reveal themselves but also much of the bottom as well. 

Here is very different and despite the boat traffic churning up the bottom after some initial turbid swirling after ten minutes or so the water is back to a lovely green colour again.

There is plenty of visibility and I'm sure that's why the biomass of fish is by far the most in any canal I fish. I've said before feed some groundbait and maggots literally anywhere on the canal you will pick up fish no problem.

Considering what lies beneath I'm sure the location puts many angler off, with many literally fishing where they park for the convenience. 

To those in the know though there are some cracking predators to be caught and if you have been reading my blog for a while it was some to the canal Zander monster that brought a 6 year quest to an abrupt end, when a 11lb 8oz fish graced the net. 

It's not just the Zander that get big because the Pike as well I broke my PB a couple of times culminating with a 17lb 8 ounce fish that I caught last Xmas Eve

I didn't have long for this session and it is a bit of a trek but I still managed a few bites. Nothing big though although out of the blue after a few bobs of the float it went straight under and I felt something on the end for literally a few seconds before it sadly dropped off.

In one swim after a boat went thorough the Zander went on the hunt and it was bite after bite from schoolies with eyes far bigger than their bellies.

Even a perch of around a pound and a half fancied a deadbait but the larger fish just didn't show today oddly. Still there are bigger Zander to be had here than my quest concluder and it will always stay on my radar because of that.

So not quite the session I expected but then I was only there a few hours as I had to get back to ride on this steam train with the rabble.

It feels like I've not caught anything decent in yonks, still I'll keep racking up the sessions and I'm sure the fish Gods will be looking down on me soon enough.


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