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Wednesday 3 August 2022

Lanzarote - Gambas and Gametogensis

Sun, sea and sangria, I certainly haven’t missed the teams notifications and especially once the kids are tucked up in the bed, the evenings spent out on the balcony have been very pleasant indeed.

Now Gambas Al Ajillo is hard to beat for a lunchtime snack, prawns sautéed in garlic with oil and chilli 🌶 and bread to dip into.

The problem was the marina where we had lunch seemed to hold some of the biggest fish, some of the mullet were huge, I mean proper huge.

Sam and I fished for a couple of hours fishing bread under a float for one fish that dropped off and not even a nibble on the lure rod despite a few times during the session a predator was about chasing fry.

A light LRF set-up would have been ideal because close in there was plenty of fish feeding on the bread 🍞 but they were mostly small fish that were giving bites but none to even sink the float.

Fake maggots on a whip would have cleaned up !!!!

Still you live and learn I suppose I know for next time. Bread thrown in brings fish in from everywhere but they were only small fish in this session, nothing decent at all really.

Even the fish that dropped off didn’t feel very big, I think I need to try and find a shop that sells smaller hooks. The lure didn’t produced either and I tried a variety of them as well. Oh well still got a week here whilst the decorator is painting our gaff, so fingers crossed for a few more bites and something a little bigger. 

Not many anglers to crib ideas from really as only spotted a couple and they both were fishing bread too, still, don’t want it too easy now do we.


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