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Friday 12 August 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Dive-Bombers and Diverticulums

Back in Blighty now, who would have thought it would be just as hot as the canaries, still not complaining as the BBQ has been fired up a few times.

No grass fires to be seen here, and that's Tandoori Chicken Thighs before you ask !! I was missing some spice from the holiday, these given a kick with loose birds eye chillies sprinkled over the top.  

We are very lucky mind you, as we have been given free reign to use my Wife's friends pool for the next few days whilst they are enjoying themselves in the Maldives.

I'm not complaining at all especially when they have 7 acres or so and lots of other niceties, because lets just say, I've not thought about work one bit, in-fact I could get used to this no working lark. 

Sadly that won't happen though, and it's going to be back to work with a rather large bump on Monday.

Anyway talking of large bumps, a pigeon decided to dive bomb the top of the A pillar not long after this picture was taken, and now its sporting a cracked windscreen almost along its full length. I cannot get it replaced for another month in-fact 3 days before the MOT is due so it will creep even further over that time I'd imagine. 

Yes, the car is nearly three years old now, and I'm still not tired off it....

A little like catching chub off the top which was about the only enthusiasm I had to go fishing. So and early one this before the sun got high in the sky and sun cream was needed. To be honest I didn't expect a fish from the first swim but within 10 minutes I had a hard fighting chub on the bank.

But that was about as good as it got !!!!

...three more swims ticked off, where in one I could see some decent chub milling around but they actively ignored floating bread and also slow sinking bread too. Still an hour and a half and a nice fish and I got back before the rabble even noticed I'd gone. 


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    1. Yeap, fingers crossed for some relief from the heat mind you, Early 20's is more my thing in the UK


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