Sunday 21 August 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Slipslop and Snafflers

Something different for this session, you see after Sam caught that lovely Perch I fancied one of them for myself. I had earmarked an area as well down at the syndicate stretch where two adjacent swims have some nice slack areas away from the main flow, where I planned to fish a live bait.

One of the swims has some nice depth to it as well, where a couple of sessions ago there were chub milling around at the bottom really not interested in the bait at all. The plan was to also drift some bread down to see if any chub were up for feeding off the top for another potential option too.

One good thing about being able to park behind your peg means I can bring all manner of tackle and bait and if need be the kitchen sink.

So apart from my float rod with some maggots, I had ones chub rod with bread and also a predator rod set-up with a float to try and see if there were any decent perch here to be caught. It certainly looked the perfect hideout for Perch, ticking all the boxes for their needs and desires.

Only a quicky but what's new, you know me !!!

Now I had planned to fish on my tod but sam wanted to tag along, not a problem but having some time on my own is one reason why I fish. Peace and solitude is must needed but plenty of time for that when winter hits and Sam is less keen on joining me. 

Now the biggest issue we had on this session was catching some nice sized live baits. They were either too big or too small. 

There were bleak around but fish shallow the minnows nailed the bait on the way down and literally sucked the life out of them within seconds of falling through the water column. Still the live bait bucket after 40 minutes or so had enough snackets for any predators milling around.

What we didn't expect as the sun was setting was bite after bite after bite. As soon as the livebait hit the water within 30 seconds or so the float would bob and go straight under.

The culprit(s), well sadly small perch, in-fact in both swims there seems to be an abundance of them with none of their parents or grandparents showing whatsoever.

We were fast running out of livebaits but almost the last cast from Sam in the flow bought an instant bite and the float submerged out of sight within a split second.

Thankfully more of a rod bender this where a jack had snaffled the tiny dace livebait and gave Sam a merry old run around. An enjoyable session for sure, but sadly the stamp of perch I had my mind set on before the session has started didn't materialise. 

On to the next one !!!


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