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Friday 5 August 2022

Lanzarote - Hops and Honorificabilitundinity

A new fishing spot this mainly because the tide was at it highest and the access was blocked by the high water. 

So a short session where I’d fish bread and also prawns under a float and then for an hour I’d fish a lure to try and tempt something bigger. 

Bread brings the fish in no problem but I’m overgunned I think fishing 12lb red mono straight through to a size 6 hook. 

The guru float is perfect though as the key to catching fish it seems is to forget the tentative bites and almost allow the fish to hook themselves.

Some small sea bream ( I think) hooked themselves on the bread and eventually a mullet decided that it liked the look of the prawn and buried the weighty float and gave a pretty good scrap.

The lure has been fruitless but then I think dusk is going to be the best time to try and catch something bigger, the bream we’re stunning looking fish mind you up I’m still on the look out for some smaller hooks as the vibrant black and blue fish were in numbers in this location.

Now this typing a blog post on the iPad is so clunky it’s as frustrating as the missed bites !!!!


  1. I was talking to a local fisherman in fuerteventura fishing of the rocks. He was catching what I would guess are sea bream. His tackle was a large bright float supporting a trace carrying about 10 or 12 size 10 treble hooks to which he wrapped a whole slice of white bread around. Bet you don’t try it. Lol 😂

    1. strange you mention that I’ve seen that here a few years ago, seemed to work when the fish get in to a feeding frenzy and almost forget their cautiousness and need to beat their mates to the prize.


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