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Sunday 2 July 2017

Warwickshire Avon - Nuts and Bolts

I'm not a match fisherman that's for sure but from time to time I partake in these Shanghai work social matches with fellow automotive jobbers.

Now this match was at Packington Somers Little Geary's pool, a pool we'd fished before and looking back at the results I ended up winning.

I wanted to try the lift method though as I intended to fish for Tench on the Avon again as the last try for them sadly time was against me and despite them feeding heavily in the swim just before I had to go, I failed to catch one.

So with centre-pin reel and my trusty TFG river and stream rod, I drew peg 13.

Float secured by line stops, a couple of SSG shot on a swivel which runs up the line and another stop 3"'s before the hook link.

Bait, cubes of meat.

The method worked really well and to be honest the centre-pin was a joy to use also. Float very sensitive, a tiny turn of the reel, float dotted down.

No elastic to be seen here....

I had a little baron spell where I'm sure I nodded off, but it was clear from the first weigh in I had done that well. Even Simon Champion beat me which is unheard of :)

I had one proper carp, the rest F1's which were in great condition to be fair.

There were only 5 of us fishing, today. Numbers do seem a bit hit and miss these days as often in the early days 10 was the norm.

The more I fish places like this, even though they are set-up to catch fish and Packington is a well cared for venue, I didn't particularly enjoy the session.

So much so I'm questioning wether my time is better spent else where.

Luckily the river is going to be the next port of call, so I've not decided yet.

The social and networking I enjoy, commercials I don't.

If that's your thing then fair enough but given the chance of catching 100lb of fish in 5 hours or a specimen gudgeon on the river Stour, it would be the gonks, no question.

So not sure what to fish for next, but at least the modus operandi for River Tench is sorted.


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