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Monday 31 July 2017

Warwickshire Avon – Flimflam and Formication

In the black corner Nash baits The Key (Kray) and in the red corner CC Moore’s Pacific Tuna.

Somehow I’d succumbed to the marketing of these two ‘super’ products and my wallet was quite a bit lighter than a usual week with the family.

To be honest I keep off social media on the most part and the first article I found on ‘The Key’ where the manufacturer was engaging with the potential purchasers of this apparently wonder bait did make me laugh, talk about heated.

Come on chaps, a bulk bait maker such as Nash is there to make money, if they can convince you to buy it because of some decent marketing and the tweaking of one’s angling purse strings then surely they’ve done their job.

No need for the insults….

The thing is, I rarely fish for river carp, if I do I prefer to sight fish and catch them off the top but even then I’ve only fish for them a handful of times and done ok.

I was back in the ring though and in particular in and amongst the walk on area, the corridor before the ring , to see what I could pick up. You see carp patrol these waters, basically up and down it, a little like the kerb crawlers of Hillfields in Coventry, if you’re PC plod looking to give someone a talking to, it’s not rocket science.

For instance with my eyes closed I’d flung out a boilie rig here last March after blanking for Zander and a 20 lber turned up out of the blue that gave me enough bloggers challenge points to jump Sean in to second place behind fish machine James.

They are greedy car after all, are they really that hard to work out ? a little like Barbel fishing, put a bait in front of it and it’s up for feeding, it will.

Sweetcorn, bread probably just as good, just don’t tell anybody....

We are all after that wonder bait though and like me, I am always looking for something that will give me the upmost confidence.

There were bream here last time, and apparently Tench, which I’ve seen no hide or hair of up till now so would these baits pick up something a little out the ordinary. It's not something I usually do but I decided to pre-bait a little. Ben came with me this time and deposited a little bait in the swim I intended to stay in all morning.

The left rod, pacific tuna boilie on the hair with matching crushed boilie and small pellets in a PVA bag and then on the right rod, The Key (FFS) boilie on the hair and then a PVA stringer of freebies.

Sit back and wait for a run, wait for a rod nodding....

The problem when sitting for long periods of time though is that, recently when being bankside the inspects, mites and tics or whatever they are have been playing around with my skin. Not only giving me itchy bites but also playing with my subconscious as even when tucked up in bed or sat at a CAD terminal in work I’ve felt like from time to time I’ve things crawling over me.

The Wife has been badgering on about using some Jungle Formula so this session was its inaugural outing of the Diethyl Toluamide so see if that would improve the situation.

I nearly always wear long sleeves when I go fishing to lessen the skin exposure but of late, this has seems to do next to bugger all.

So the session….

Well don't not why I bothered....

Not even one bleeding bite. Now it was still pretty clear so I'm wondering if a back lead, (heaven fordid) is the way to go.

Arhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!! I also got bit to buggery.

Should have stayed in bed.


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