Tuesday 4 July 2017

Warwickshire Avon – Sialoquents and Strategic Stratagems

Here we go again….

A slingshot with a giant rubber band, a large round rock dropped from a cliff, a rocket sled, bird seed laced with iron pellets, a bowling ball dropped down a tube and finally the Acme indestructo steel ball with no directional control.

Yeap, still got away.

If you hadn’t worked that out yet, it was the story line from a Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner cartoon from 1959, titled

'Wild about Hurry'

Now it does make me laugh, the first couple or three months of the river season, you’ll see faces you will never see again come the winter. They will seemingly disappear from the face of the planet. Barbel or the Whiskers as they are often referred as have captured the imagination of many a angler. Thing is there is no denying they are great to catch and pound for pound up there as the hardest fighting fish in our rivers.

Thing is the mad rush at the start of the season is often fruitless because, not only to the fish wise up but they are not feeding like they will do come September onwards when they are hungry and the waters have a little more colour. Now for me this season, having now got a venue I can fish in to dark any clear water days Barbel won’t feature until dusk and beyond as I’ve had those baron spells too where I’m left wondering where have they gone. I don’t want to catch any old Barbel either, it needs to be a PB beater which I know exist in the areas I fish.

So the session....

No sooner had I’d parked up a van draws alongside. We both unpack at the same time, my kit sparse, his, everything but the kitchen sink and he appears to be in a rush.

“After barbel are you (Roy Hattersley)”

“Anything really, a nice bream would be nice though, I’ll see what comes along”

“Bream, really, you fish for bream”

“Sometimes yes, lots of other species too”

“I only fish for Barbel now, this is my first season for them, I’m a carper at heart”

“Had many so far this season”

“Loads, a few doubles too”

“Really, oh ok then, good for you, see ya around, nice trolley btw”

He went straight on, thankfully, I went left….

The session was at an area I'd not really fished much before, pedestrian pace, lilies, plenty of character. I'd cobbled together my static barbel set-up so intended to watch the tips, small fishmeal boilies as bait. The inside rod I'd bait dropped some hemp, pellets and chopped boilies, the other a PVA bag of freebies.

As per the norm on the Avon when it's clear, nothing really started to move till just before dusk where the chub moved in.

It didn't take long for one to eventually hook itself either, I didn't weigh it for the blogger challenge no point, but looked a nadger over 2lb.

Prior to starting the session I'd catapulted some oily floater amongst the pads, but no carp were visible throughout the near 3 hour session.

A little rain would be nice awfully low and clear.

I'm in two minds what to do next, maybe predators again, maybe some meat in the fast section, decisions decisions.

Then again, need to give try for a River Tench again, maybe that's the biscuit. Also with Sam pestering me to take him again, I might try for a Silver Bream, he for the Gudgeon. 


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