Monday 17 July 2017

Warwickshire Avon – Slacks, Sabbaths and Snollygosters

Got to love a weir pool, all manner of fish present and more often than not, something special turns up. I’d not actually fished this weir before, not sure why either as having walked past it a few times it was certainly inviting and just looked fishy.

Now not being one to worship a high and mighty, Sunday for me is about rest and recuperation, however more often than not, that goes out the window. You see I reckon I suffer from Willis-Ekbom disease or restless syndrome, where I have an overwhelming, irresistible urge to move ones legs. So even If I have a chance to lie in or put my feet up, I just cannot manage it.

Half the problem however is as someone who has started work at 6.00am for nearly 20 years now, I’m often so knackered come the weekend I struggle staying awake. The plus point as an hourly paid contractor I’m one of those that can be relied on, take note those congressional snollygosters and politicians, I’m a man of principles.

Take note Nadhim Zahawi….

Net results, I’m rarely out of work, but one big problem, the regular Sunday roast for example, if I had that at lunchtime, I’d asleep by 2.00pm.

What at knackered body clock does give me though is not only to I rarely use an alarm, as an angler I have a slight advantage over the other maggot downers is that often I’ve the pick of the swims as the majority are still tucked up in bed, whilst I’m swim bound as I’m awake and twiddling my thumbs at 5.00am Sunday morning.

ShhhhhShhh it’s also free parking in some places on a Sunday, what’s not to like.

Start work at 6.00am, it’s the way forward.

So this weir pool….

I wanted to fish the slacker and calmer water to see what I could pick up, a running feeder set-up with maggot on the hook, one fake, one real.

The feeder filled with small 4mm pellets, hemp and dead maggots.

I didn’t really have a target either, just happy to see what would turn up.

Perch, Bream, Roach, you name it, more or less a bite a chuck. Nothing outstanding and after a quick natter with the Bailiff who has a right job on his hands patrolling and dishing out day tickets, evicting people maybe the tactics were a little wrong.

But hey, that's fishing for you....

Anyway after a few hours with nothing of note the tip wraps round and a Barbel is on, the unmistakable fight a fit and powerful Barbel can only give the light set-up was being tested especially as it went straight in to the heart of the weir. Eventually I turned it and I was getting control, certainly arm aching mind you, as someone that doesn't fish for Barbel that often, you can see why people like catching them.

I wouldn't say I was disappointed when it surfaced as it gave a good scrap but I thought it was bigger than it actually was.

Sometimes though, those smaller fish fight harder than a double figure fish.

5lb 4oz's on the nose...

Maybe I should give them a proper go soon, as I know where some bigger ones reside.

So I learnt lots today and I'll definitely be back, next time however, different tactics all together.

Back home, out for some lunch with the family, all before midday.


  1. There's definitely something about weirpools and Barbel...I caught my first ever Barbel (from the Wye) a couple of weeks ago (gosh, even in low water they fight) and reading this is tempting me to try the pool on my local river.

    1. Fish some live baits if you can, usually full of predators.


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