Saturday 22 July 2017

Warwickshire Avon - Barbel and Badonkadonks

It was a head turner that for sure, to be honest a freak of nature, a proper badonkadonk, so much so, I forgot to buy the very item I went in for.

Even the Wife was impressed, "wow, I wished I had that backside."

"Yours is fine, my Dear" as I take a sneaky second look....

So being spam'less with the river a nice colour, I cobbled together a set-up....

This morning session with Sam we were fishing an area of that is often fishable in even flood conditions, you see the nature and flow of the river means this small stretch is pedestrian in any given weather conditions.

We didn't really have a target in mind, set-ups were a link ledgered couple or three maggots, a Barbel set-up with a couple of krill boilies and from time to time a shallow float set-up.

It didn't take long for the first fish either, a small perch, then a small rare Ruffe to add a few points to the bloggers challenge.

All 0.96oz of it....

Soon after a chub that I didn't weigh but looked like it wouldn't make 3lb, this slow section of the Avon was fishing rather well.

Now when a decent bite was received not long after putting the Chub back, I thought, what the heck was this, it was stripping line off the drag for a start so I had to tighten the clutch, at first I thought it was a monster Chub or maybe even a carp but when it surfaced after an arm aching battle, it was a Barbel of all things.

Sam was amazed it was the first Barbel he had seen in the flesh and wanted to give it like I do the care it deserves, rested in the net, then weighed, rested in the net and released it went 7lb 14oz's.

It had a mark on it's mouth, so should be easy identified in the future. Not a bad morning, and we luckily left before the heavens opened.


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