Saturday 24 August 2013

Wimpstone - Warwickshire Stour

I was helping my friend Simon move house from Honington to Warwick today, he couldn't get the van till 10.30am so I decided to dangle the worm for a couple of hours as on route just outside Stratford-Upon-Avon I'd pass through Wimpstone.

The area I decided to fish was a stretch I'd never fished before, it was the top water and accessed through Wimpstone village.

It ain't no Warwickshire Avon that's for sure but especially in the winter it can be a decent enough fishing venue and makes a change from the regular waters I fish.

The river is slow and low at the minute and I didn't fancy trotting, so armed with a light quiver rod and a link ledger set-up I planned to fish worm and bread on the hook and ball in the odd handful of liquidised bread.

More or less a bite every chuck, and a had a nice Chub of around 3lb from under a small raft and plenty of Gudgeon, Perch and small Roach.

It's a bit characterless to be honest and when it's low it looks lifeless, maybe too open if you get my drift. I spotted a few kingfishers so it was worthwhile just for that.


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