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Friday 30 August 2013

Bream me up snotty...!!

With the 'brook' out of sorts with lack of rain I went to the reservoir yesterday evening for a few hours, the intended quarry was the crucian carp,some old and big'uns in here that occasionally show themselves and I've still got the big'un pictured in my mind that I lost when it was foul hooked. Foul hooked you say, well if I landed it then should I have taken it as my PB ? I'm not sure.

My favorite peg was unoccupied when I got there, only two other anglers present, a Dad and his two sons and also a carp angler I've bumped in to before a couple of pegs down from me. It's still low, very low and the blanket weed seems to be getting thicker.

For the first hour hardly any fish moving at all and not even indications on the float. Bait was scopex flavoured sweetcorn on a size 14 hook and I chucked in a couple of balls of groundbait that contained hemp and some tiny pellets. After an hour the fish started to top and a couple of crucians launched themselves out the water and I received my first crucian bite, sadly it bumped off on the strike, and there the crucian action ended.

The carp angler came for a chat and informed me he had prebaited my swim with some pellets to try for the carp later on. With the bed of pellets and my groundbait the bream had moved in and probably bullied the crucians out the way. The swim was fizzing and must have been full with them, as soon as the float entered the water it was moving all over the shop.

If I had a keepnet I might have netted them as it was a bite every chuck, the average size was a couple of pound and a decent weight would have been made pretty quickly, when they are on the feed there is nothing stopping them.

After about the 10th bream in 1/2 an hour I decided to call it a day. I'm out tomorrow morning somewhere, any hot spots please let me know as I haven't decided yet and I've been lacking some decent fish of late. :)


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