Saturday 3 August 2013

Shanghai AC match 02.08.13 - Little Geary's Packington Somers

Yesterday was another Shanghai Anglers Club match, venue was little Geary's at Packington Somers. We fished here last year and fishing in the margins and a method or bomb against the island seemed to be the approach.

I drew peg 5 where the right hand margin was around 2ft deep, I had bites on maggot straight away, small roach, perch and skimmers and a bite every chuck. I've said before match fishing really isn't my bag but it's nice to meet up with friends, dare I say it, it's too easy, oh and not relaxing. For 5 hours you are on the go all the time.

I quickly switched to some soft pellets where the float sailed under and I was in to the first F1, the tighter you get to the margin the better. The F1's were all pretty small though, the biggest I had within the first 3.5 hours was only a pound an a half of so. The heavens opened for half an hour so and the bites seemed to dry up.

I switch to method feeder when it stopped and for the last hour managed a few for F1's. No proper carp graced my net but I thought I'd done ok.

Upon weighing in most people had caught ok but it was Dave Roberts who managed to find the proper carp. He fed a pound or so of pellets at the start of the match and fished a small 10mm boilie over the top. He weighed in 59lb.

I was nowhere near that but managed to finish 2nd with 30lb, at least I was in the money. Even Brian Waters managed 19lb and he usually struggles. No doubt it's fishing well and if we come back here again I'll try different tactics.


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