Saturday 31 August 2013

Udderly Rubbish !!

Apparently in the 80's Manor Farm, Luddington on the Warwickshire Avon was used as a venue for the Angling World Championships, I've tried this stretch a few times before and I've always wondered why it's devoid of anglers ? especially as it has produced some big Chub and Barbel.

The Veterinary Science Laboratory based in Luddington doesn't help I suppose, it's staffed by migrant workers who obviously fish the swims from the evidence I've seen, make-shift rod rests and dumped cans and rubbish. The walk across the meadow is like a pilgrim to Mecca, or in this case the migrant workers walking to a Car Boot sale or Stratford town. Jan Porter even found a 20 meter gill net along this stretch that was removed by the environment agency. I challenged two anglers last year with crude tackle and no licences, they just packed up and left, probably to return after I had left. It's not somewhere I'd fish an evening either, I'd not feel comfortable. 

The meadow is sometimes full of cows so as I experienced today you might well have an audience behind your peg too. Not exactly quiet creatures either are they, humping like Bonobos and peeing for England.

I'm not exactly selling it to you am I :)

Anyway I fancied a change of scenery to be honest so with a Barbel set-up and a small lure rod I went for a bit of an explore and tried a few swims. A few chub knocks that was it, after being snagged in the sunken wier again I moved to the couple of pegs downstream of the big weir. I've caught fish here before, nothing to write home about though.

The peg I fish is quite small so you cannot really fish two rods, not a bad thing I suppose. There were certainly plenty of fish in the swim, small dace, bleak and blenty of minnows. I had lots of small Chub knocks and towards the end of the session I had a whacking bite which somehow didn't connect to a fish. 4 hours and fish less I'm not used to this and I won't be returning here in a hurry.

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