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Thursday 29 August 2013

The Zandavan Rollover Indicator

Big Perch, Eels and Zander are well known for not liking any sort of resistance, I think it's the change in resistance more than anything. After trying various indicators in the past, bobbins, drop-off indicators and also making some of my own too, they just didn't seem to work that effectively. Certainly Eels and Zander are on my must catch list this year, Eels I might try and the Zander and Perch towards winter.

As I fish rivers in the main, it was the adjustability that was the biggest issue, how do you account for different flow rates and still fish with an open bail arm? that's why I thought I'd give a rollover indicator from Zandavan Productions a try.

When a taking fish raises the indicator the ball bearings will roll along the tube and past the pivot point at which stage the indicator lifts off the line and, as such, there is no point of increased resistance. I was a bit sceptical at first but they really do work.

The weight load bearing on the line can be adjusted to suit the conditions and the balance action has been carefully calibrated so that the indicator will roll over and lift off the line whatever weight loading is applied.

The indicator is very easy to set. It lies on top of the line which is simply tucked under the bent end claw to be held in position between the claw and the wire line-stop. To obtain maximum sensitivity, it is best to position the rollover indicator on the rear rest so that the end claw is aligned below the reel.

They are not cheap at £18.99 each but for it's sum of parts, I'd say it was good value. One thing I will do though is the U shaped pivot wire doesn't stay in position that well once the arm has been fitted, so I think I might araldite it in. 

To accompany the rollover indicator I've also bought myself a Delkim bite alarm, it detects bites by vibration and not by a moving roller, it certainly helps when fishing an open bail arm as in many instances the moving line doesn't give enough drag to move the roller. I had that exact problem last year I was fishing a sleeper rod for Perch and was using small deadbaits, out of the corner of my eye noticed the light bobbins doing a merry dance but not a peep on the indicator. Like the rollover indicator the sensitivity is adjustable. 


  1. Have you used it on the river yet Mick? If so do you find you need to use the "heavier" setting or not?

  2. To be honest David only used them a few times, if you find the counterbalance isn't working on it's heaviest setting you can add more weight to the line clip. I tend to fish the slack areas on rivers though so doubt I'd need to do anything other than adjusting the counterbalance.

    More info here http://www.zandavan.co.uk/articlerollover.html


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