Wednesday 21 August 2013

Good old sweetcorn...

Whilst the rivers are low and clear I wanted to try for one of Snitterfields crucian carp, specifically one of the old warriors. I've had a two pounder in the past and lost one that was foul hooked that would probably have beaten that.

For an hour or I couldn't muster up a bite for love nor money. Hookbait was 6mm tiger fish sonubaits hooker pellets which I've used in the past with some good results.

The reservoir is really low and the margins are full of sticky green weed that carpets the concrete bottom, maybe sweetcorn stands out more than a brown pellet, but the switch to sweetcorn really did get the fish interested. I decided to float fish this time rather than a small method feeder and it's a perfect method for crucian carp. I favour the smallest drennan glowtip antenna float as it shows up the most sensitive of bites.

First two fish were small Tench but then for the next two hours I had 10 or so crucians and lost a few too. The biggest was getting on for a pound, not one of the old'uns but an encouraging sign for the future.

Cheers for the picture Keith.


  1. I was in that hot air ballon Mick!

  2. I've seen your picture on the LAA facebook page Keith, I've seen it quite a few times now and it even landed in a field right by Hampton Lucy Brook.

    Pricey I take it ? bet you get a brilliant view.


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