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Saturday 9 September 2017

Warwickshire Avon – Righyni’s and Rumpots

I was sat outside the other day, Wife with some American rubbish on the TV, feet up, patio heater taking the chill off, Buck Corner Mix from Mika Dutsch on the Bluetooth speaker , and a big glass of an impulsive purchase whist in Sainsbury’s.

Yeap, another Whisky to add to the collection….

And to be honest the Balvenie Caribbean Cask ain’t a bad Whisky for £40 odd quid, matured for 14 years in traditional oak casks before being transferred to Caribbean rum casks to impart some extra flavour, so nose of passion fruit, and creamy toffee, palate, well, sweet vanilla and notes of apples, mangoes with a hint of orange in the background, the finish creamy and lingers.

Not my favoured cask strength, but at 43% a reasonable kick and makes a palatable nightcap….

The rum cask gives it a subtle sweetness you see, but it’s the creaminess I was impressed with, certainly made it very quaffable, dare I say it with a big fat cigar.

I did make quite a dent in it, come morning, simple pleasures, nothing like it.It maybe even become a default go to Whisky such the impression it gave and after trying many a dram now, if you find something you like, stick with it.

Talking about sticking with it, I used this Righyni grayling float both times when I’d visited the Lower Itchen Fishery and loved the way it presented itself, for long trotting in pacey and the pedestrian, it just looked and felt right.

It’s a self cocking jobbie (more or less) just needing a couple of BB shot to sink the bait and to ensure that the tip sits correctly, also as the majority of the weight is at the float end, it was much easier to cast compared to a big loafer for example where the bulk shot is at the business end.

Grayling after grayling fell for the presentation as did the odd brownie, and even after a good 50 or 60 yard trot the tip was visible and hence why it’s fitted to my heavy trotting set-up for use on the Warwickshire Avon.

I don't trot enough as it's a great way to catch fish.

So the session....

Well it didn't help that the stretch I intended to fish was sadly unavailable due to a match on there but luckily I'm close to many a water so it was off down the brook.

The water was clear, shallow and quite snaggy in places but I still managed to find some fish.

Mainly Perch but chublets and eventually a Chub that probably wouldn't even make a few pounds, quite enjoyable mind you, fishing close to cover would have been the better option but still nice to be out.

Back out in the morning, this time with the 'king of tangles'


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