Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Warwickshire Avon – Dudgeons and Decoys

After ones of those days at work there is a tonic that gets one mind back on track, yeap a two hour lure fishing up the deep and pedestrian.

Great this fishing lark isn’t it, despite an active mind you don’t think about anything, and that’s why I love it as a hobby, it’s a much needed tonic.

I don’t mess around when I lure fish especially on the river, 12cm’s or over generally and I get bigger throughout the session.

Now the Avon is low, vey low, and clear, very clear but this area is deep, very deep so there are predators in numbers. I’ve not used deadbaits in anger up here yet, but come winter that will probably be my main attack, you see Zander especially when it’s cold love a Roach and if there are any in residence usually they will take it.

The thing is, it’s big and wide up here so roving is the key to banking a fish, so in winter it will be a matter of trying to find where the fish are holding up, ok fish near visible feature for sure but I’m hoping the deeper will give me an advantage highlighting any troughs for example. I’ve already found a couple and a bait in the hot spot produced fish first cast.

So the session, well, it produced a 6lb Pike first cast and then the heavens opened, for nearly an hour.

It was properly hammering it down too, so I had to seek some shelter, luckily a huge tree provided a massive canopy.

When it past, the next swim produced a Zander that was seeking sanctuary among the lilies and the surface weed, a lovely dark fish that had its fins proud from landing to releasing.

I do love these Zander, no fault of their own found themselves here, but they certainly have made it their home.

The switch to a 6” Kopyto produced a tiny jack first cast that had literally had swallowed it whole, easy to unhook mind you, that’s why I like single hooks for all my predator fishing. I’ve had a few net, fish, treble instances that I’d rather not go through again.

On to the last peg, out with the deadbait and in to dusk, sadly only a small Jack.

There are big Zander here that’s for sure, winter cannot come soon enough.

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