Monday, 18 September 2017

Warwickshire Avon - Lures and Lycanthropy

Sam was convinced he heard a werewolf the other day, and out of the animals and creatures he is frightened of , such as foxes, wolves and yeti’s, werewolf’s, even though he knows they are not real, scares him the most.

Now talking about werewolfs, the American Werewolf in London, is one of my favourite films, so much so I visited some of the locations in the film when I found myself in Builth Wells, which was a stand in for ‘Yorkshire’

The moors were filmed around the Black Mountains and ‘East Proctor’ was the tiny village of Crickadarn where the ‘Slaughtered Lamb’ can be found. The exterior was the actual pub, the interior somewhere entirely different. 

What is scary mind you, is that it was filmed on 1981, yes really, so time really is flying by as I remember is like yesterday.

The effects at the time masterminded by Rick Baker really were superb and he won some awards for it and quite rightly so.

The noise Sam actually heard was the fake farmer down the road who has some cows just to convince the local council he needed the barn he was retrospectively applying for planning permission for.

They really don’t sound like they look, and to the unwary especially in the dead of night can give you a right shock.

It put him out of kilter for a bit, but a promised lure fishing session got him back on track as he was convinced he was going to get nightmares.

This area of the Warwickshire Avon I’ve hardly fished, above it and below it more so, but others that have, it’s a good place for predators.

Zander suspicious in their absence, Pike very dominate.

It is still ridiculously clear so I knew it would be tough and after 3 hours chucking a lure around we were fishless.

Sean was fairing a little better fishing twitched dead’s, but I’m surprised nothing took a fancy to the lure.

Sam was very much independent with his casting though, which gave me the opportunity to fish myself.

Now the lack of Zander has got me interested, because if the Pike have eaten all the schoolies if there are any milling around, maybe they are biggies.

I’m not ready to give them a go yet, but heck I’m looking forward to.

Some extra colour would be nice, and if that is not forthcoming, fishing to dusk and a little beyond is the way forward.

At least the afternoon was a little more exciting. 


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