Sunday, 3 September 2017

Warwickshire Avon – Ecdysiasts and Entozoons

The humble lobworm has few equals, a few on the hook.

The sight feeding Chub in a visual trance, in front of it, a lap dancer named Medusa, she enjoying the attention, his wallet about to get raided.

They find them irresistible you see and for fishing a clear river where trotting is difficult because of the snags, reeds and thick streamer reed, static fishing is the order of the day.

A simple link ledger, quiver rod, rove from swim to swim, this is the kind of fishing I love but with the fish tucked up out the way, a visual treat climaxing in a full belly can get them out of their sanctuary, out beyond the cover.

Now talk about wallet being raided, a friend on a skiing trip really did get in to that trace like state whilst visiting a lap dancing establishment on the last night of the trip, private room, two girls, champagne buckets, sparklers, the works.

A moment of madness, a final bill as much as a small countries national dept.

And sadly because of the state of bladderation, a forgotten memory.

I lost BIG Chub here on steak last week so a rig adjustment was made. Gone was the hook link, this time a float stop up the line, the Kamasan B983 tied direct to the line, a SSG shot on a weaker line attached to a running bead.

Simple tactics that have caught me plenty of fish, and yet I'm still to catch a Warwickshire Avon 5 lb'er though and to be honest, I really want to get that Monkey off my Back. The thing is after catching numerous 4lber's it is really only a matter of time, just got to stick at it.

There is a swim I going to fish in the winter in an area away from my usual stomping ground that I know for sure they are there, but as I don't particularly like the venue I'd rather wait till they are at their biggest the banks quieter and if one caught, it would certainly smash my PB.

So the session, well 6 or 7 swims fished, with bites in all but one of those. The first swim where I lost one last week a Chub of around 2.5lb nailed the lobworms as soon as they settled.

It's so, so low and clear at the moment that even with the cocoons donned, bigger fish were properly tucked away and after a big black cormorant was disturbed (never seen one here before) I had to fish close to cover and snags to get anything half decent.

The biggest Chub went 2lb 11oz, a good scrap admittitdly because I like fishing balanced tackle when fishing for them, 1lb 2oz TC TFG River and Stream rod is a great tool for the job, but the fish was well below the stamp that are here in numbers in the winter.

Two chaps who were fishing the weir were biteless after a number of hours so they were on the move too, it's a roving venue that's for sure, or settle in one prior to dusk.

On to the next one then, with a load of lobworms I might get the trotting gear out again and try for a Barbel, especially as I've recently had my Paul4 rod fixed and I've not used it for a while.


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