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Saturday 14 January 2023

Warwickshire Avon - Floods and Flibbertigibbets

When I got down the syndicate stretch I did wonder whether or not to turn back as the first swim I came too was still over the banks but with the new floodwater barbel set-up in the car I just had to find somewhere to fish.

This middle section carries some real pace when it is teetering over the banks but downstream when the river widens and it gets much deeper the whirlpools and huge back eddies calm down and there is a nice pace to the water.  

I decided to fish the same swim as I fished last time on this section because I knew right out in front was a nice hard bottom, and also that to my left was a large section of trees that not only helps bring the pace down to a fishable level, but also stops some of the debris from collecting around the line.

With the water 7.6 degrees and at least a few feet on when I fished it last if anything was going to bite it was likely to be a barbel. It was chocolate brown so despite chub being in the swim before I would be surprised if they would be feeding. 

Hiding more like in these conditions, still you won't catch anything if you don't have a bait in the water now will you.

So luncheon meat on a hair and some similar sized chunks as freebies this past dusk in to dark session would one of these elusive barbel I've been trying to catch be accommodating ?

Sadly not, well in to an hour in to dark not even a nibble or a pull, and with the tip illuminated by torch light it was a very quiet couple of hours indeed.

The rod seemed man enough which is a good thing as it was pushing through with the Avon being the highest I've seen for a while. The wind had dropped thankfully but when the light went it was certainly a little nippy. I will keep plugging away though, my time will come on this stretch I'm sure. I just need to tick the sessions off. 

At least the stargazing was 👌, such a clear sky


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