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Thursday 12 January 2023

Transient Towpath Trudging - Pt.42

A working from home brunch fit for a King, there is some plus points I suppose, but fear not this sort of meal isn't eaten very often, in-fact I would probably just need my hands and not my feet as well, to count how any I have in a year. 

Still once in a while though for a bit of a brain boost via bent banger during the seemingly never ending daily grind, it doesn't do any harm now does it !!!

With a decent cup of tea (Yorkshire Gold obviously), and HP's finest it really is part of our DNA

A bit like me and canal Zander fishing I suppose, it is certainly part of my DNA which to be honest this blog of mine can testify to, hundreds of sessions after these fascinating fish. We really are spoilt in the Midlands, and I never forget that, because lets face it we are as Zander anglers, but it's horses for courses we are blessed in some areas and short in others. Chalk streams, yeah I'd like some of those to fish please, that would be nice wouldn't it. Grayling ? oh wait, better get to the fishing !!!

Now almost 7 years ago I caught a 9lb Canal Zander locally which after a 6 years quest eventually I managed to catch the double figure quest concluder which ended up being 2lbs and 8 ounces heavier than the 9lber. 

That double though was a decent trek for me, where most of my sessions on streams, rivers and canals I could probably cycle to if need be. 

Certainly in the closed season which we are on the countdown to now, 'The Hallowed Stretch' which I eventually named it, would certainly feature from time to time, because I'm sure for predators, it's probably one of the best canal stretches in the Country.

I even managed to catch a 17lb 8 ounces Pike down at the Hallowed and I know for a fact, because I've seen the pictures !!!, there are far bigger pike to catch to catch on this stretch that would trounce my PB right out of the water. 

They don't give up easily though and like any fishing really you can be one of the lucky ones who stumbles upon a fish that wants to feed, or put the effort in and get the rewards because of it. 

But it's not all about the landing net bulging fish now is it ?

Because you see I really do enjoy fishing for the smaller species and when I managed to catch a nice 1lb 8 ounces roach inspired by Jeff Hatt's and George Burton's antics, when the closed season is upon us, certainly I'll be up for some double dipping. 

Isn't this a bit early to talk about the closed season Mick ?

Well maybe, but with literally all the local rivers bursting at the seems at the minute, I've got no choice but to talk about canals. I'm on the doorstep of them thankfully so despite the rivers fit for Noah's Ark as I'm typing this, at least I can get the rods out for a dangle. 

I'm hoping that the Warwickshire Avon peaks soon though because I fancy a winter Barbel, even though on that front it's not going particularly well. 

Still a new ticket is going to arrive soon, which not only will put me on to some barbel but some river zander too. Looking at the gauge it could well be fishable tomorrow late afternoon, so fingers crossed we can get back on the river again. 

Anyway before heading to the supermarket AGAIN !!! I better stop off on-route to the turning bay that gave up that 9lber many zander sessions a go. 

I'd not fished this bit of canal for a while for zander so I was hoping there were some still around. This canal is coloured and very shallow indeed but is often good for a few bites, so better get the past there best deadbaits out. 

Now best laid plans and all that because when I got to the chosen canal there was a couple of vans parked in the lay-by that after a quick gander over the bridge they were seemingly connected to the works that were going on, more or less exactly where I wanted to fish. 

The water seemed to be a weird colour too and it was flowing from right to left as well. Maybe dredging who knows but I didn't have long so it was back in the car on to the next spot. Then another problem, you see when I got to the bridge just before the parking a blue BMW had tried to negotiate the standing water underneath the bridge (it regularly floods) and got stranded.

There was a queue of cars too, so yeap, I had to reverse and return to where I had just come from. Soooo after all that I decided to head to a marina with some moored boats where the Zander are often found laying up.

I'd never had anything big out of it personally, but it often produces a bite or two, but not on this occasion as three sections of it covered without even a small tremor on the floats.

So the last swim was meant to be by some cover, but yes thanks to the Canal and Rivers Trust, the cover that used to hold zander and often a good banker no longer does. The amount of cover they have removed over the last few years is quite staggering. Why I don't know because the majority of it doesn't hinder the boats movement, so work for works sake it seems. I stayed to dark and illuminated the floats with the head torch, but no sadly a blank on this occasion. 


  1. The CRT have probably zapped it Mick and the zander are gone as well as any kind of feature or tree .. they are out of control ..


    1. They really are Baz, ruined in so many areas. A nice featured filled canal now bare as anything , horrible to see not just for us anglers as that cover used to hold fish.

  2. I'd love a few canals round here. Rivers flooded this way too.

    1. Been an awful bought of weather hasn't it :(


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