Tuesday 31 January 2023

The River Leam - Quacksalvers and Questmongers

After the loss of a certain 4lber at the last trip here I was back on the Leam to see if I could reacquaint myself with the culprit. I had planned to fish the same swim but when dusk came and also well in to dark ,an open swim with cover to the left and right, had some big fish boshing on the surface.

Assuming they were chub, I was back with the proper gear this time not the scaled down roach set-up which ended up being my downfall last time. So it was out with the size 6 hook, 5lb line, 1.25TC TFG River and Stream rod fitted with a 1 ounce quiver and enough bread to induce a carb coma. 

Sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami are the five primary tastes detected by human palates. But scientists could be about to add a sixth sense to that list apparently. You see New research from Oregon State University has found that humans can detect the taste of complex carbohydrates, found in bread, pasta, and potatoes. They've labelled the new taste "starchy"

Chub, well they just about eat anything don't they, but bread, they just love the stuff don't they, visual ? hunger quenching ? the smell ?

Well I missed a bite literally within 5 minutes of getting a bait out but as the 1.5 hours panned out they were certainly up for a feed.

The first fish came as the sun setting and once hooked they always seems to head for the same sections of reeds, a hook-link doer over'er if there ever was one. Stouter tackle this time so not really an issue as not only was it a longer rod to steer it away from its escape but the line also more suited to the quarry.

Once dusk came bites were every 10-15 minutes or so with a couple of missed bites but two more chub of similar stamp. I had to leave sadly as I reckon there were more bites to be had. Still odd bites though really tentatively pulling the 1 ounce quiver, often a number of times before eventually going around properly.

It's quite a handy location this where I'm in the office not far away on Monday's so I might make it a regular trip and maybe mix up where I've been fishing. Don't want to get on fish name terms with them now do I.  There were roach topping (I think) which is encouraging, I've just not managed one yet !!! I'll be back. 


  1. Great session. They do love bread!

    1. They do indeed Adam !! back again next week to see what I can winkle out


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