Wednesday 4 January 2023

River Blythe - Fun Police and Futurology

Sadly getting back to work and the daily grind came round quicker than I thought, even though I maximised my fishing time I was looking for that next fishing fix like any angler does. I was in the office at Mira in Nuneaton and would be seeing my mum afterwards (half an hour drive) to check in on her when I suddenly had a rare brain wave.  

You see there is a freebee section of the Blythe not a millions miles away that I did fish many moons ago if I recall, where it was more of a reccy after one time blogger Bazal Peck fished in from time to time. 

I blanked that time if I recall but arriving just before dusk could I winkle out a fish before I had to get back to one family commitments ?

I suppose it was another reconnaissance trip to be honest but armed with my Avon quiver rod, some liquidised bread for the feeder and some bread for the hook, could I winkle out a Blythe Chub before ones mother was on the blower to wonder where the heck I was.

She has always one to clock watch, I don't know why but it came be very frustrating sometimes as I pride myself on punctuation and it's very one sided lets put it that way, but if I'm 10 minutes late my ears are already burning.
But 'time and tide wait for no man', got to do what I have to do to keep oneself sane !!!

Time and tide wait for no man. Time will never wait for anyone. No matter if it is a good time in your life, or if you are going through a bad phase, time flies.  It won’t wait for you, despite anything! Everything has to happen according to its own clock. Many a time, we neglect the flowing time and we think that it is going just like that! Time has to flow, and it will! You cannot help it anyway.

The only thing that you can do is to make sure that you take an opportunity that remains folded in each and every moment that you miss! Hence, you must respect each and every moment that comes into your life, and thus, welcome it with all your gratitude.

The term basically means that just as the waves do not wait for anyone; in the same way, each and every moment has got significance, and it wouldn’t wait for anyone by any chance. This is why it is taught from our early childhood that we should learn to take benefit from each and every moment. Many a time, we waste time and think that it is not a big deal until and unless that moment is already gone and we have no other job to do but to regret. 

As a result, you should behave wisely and make sure that you are capable of taking advantage of each and every opportunity that comes along your way.

Anyway enough of that spiel, better get fishing hadn't I, as I'm expecting a call any minute !!!

I had a trick up my sleeve you see to get some extra pungency to the bread not only was the liquidised bread flavoured with garlic (and cheese) but I'd spray some Fry Light Garlic Oil (£1.75 in B&M) on the hookbait too. Any leg up the potential big Chevin ladder would be needed to just get a bite let alone bank a fish.

A message to Sean before the start of the session a seasoned Blythe angler, he mentioned about the gate at the start of the lane that is locked at a certain time to prevent the 'Doggers' come sundown which apparently is advertised online as a popular spot 'for all sorts of fun'

Naturally as a 50 year old married man I'll be up for some of that if there wasn't fish to catch so I got on with my mission. I managed to get a proper bite within a few minutes of getting the bait out in the bridge pool, but then the next bite was an roach esk really fast pulls and snatches. 

Unmissable really but then as the light was going and about the 8th cast eventually a proper pull round and a fish was on. A blank avoided because this little scamp was on the end on the line, almost a swinger but not quite so at least I got to use the landing net. And that was that, I got on my way before Stan Collymore showed up and asked for directions !!!!, on to the next one !!!


  1. Mick, a great blog as usual, have you ever thought of doing standup comedy 🤣


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