Saturday 31 December 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Bye 2022 !!

My late Dad's rod rest deserved a run out so with one of my recent additions to ones rods armoury it was out with the Avon Quiver. 

This was a proper blustery morning again and to be honest the 1 ounce quiver on the TFG Rod wouldn;t quite cut the mustard. This Avon Quiver is a broom handle in comparison but with the lightest tip fitted perfect for a river that was still swollen from the recent rain.  

I found bites hard to come by here last time and I'm not sure why because a few days ago they were climbing up the rod but the 5lber I caught a reward from putting the effort in.

10 to 15 minutes max in each swim if you haven't had a bite by then it's time for a move but this time rather than the fish coming at the end of the session this was the opposite. 

Before the rain started (the rain that gets you wet) I'd managed a 3lber from a swim I discovered when the river was at summer levels. I've caught quite a few fish from it now, nothing big but it is often a blank saver like it was for this session.

You see that was my lot, after another 3 hours dropping in to swim after swim, nothing !!!

And that was my 2022 fishing done right there, slightly disappointing but I've caught some nice fish this year and fished more than ever.  

Some highlights not in chronologic order !!!

PB Chub caught 19.12.2022


LRF fishing Saundersfoot 28.10.2022

Some nice canal Zander and river Pike in 2022, nothing huge 

Best Barbel 2022 - 20.06.2022

Probably a few I've forgotten too, overall I've very happy indeed and as usual tried to get a variety of fishing sessions on. I've largely neglected the smaller rivers and streams though, no to get back on board with them really. 

But other than that, thanks Blog Readers and Tight Lines for 2023, I'll be back in 2023


  1. First off - 203 blog posts! Wow! You really have been on it this year and some cracking fish landed - including a string of new PBs - nice one. Really enjoyed reading your exploits this year and look forward to reading many more in 2023. Happy New Year.

    1. Cheers Brian, yes out more than ever this year, a very understanding Wife !! Hope you have a better year than last and get some nice fish on the bank !!

  2. Crammed plenty in, well done. Best wishes for 2023.

  3. Rude of me to post a comment elsewhere and not here. So, for good measure:
    "A good year you've had Mick. Either the 1.8 roach passed me by, or I'd forgotten about it. V nice fish that".
    Here's to a top 2023!

    1. Yeah surprise catch that was George, I'm sure you did see it on the WhatsApp group when I caught it. A lovely fish indeed and to be honest your exploits on the canals with roach were part of the reason why I have been fishing the canals for more than just Zander. Tight lines in 2023 anyway


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