Friday 28 October 2022

Saundersfoot - LRF and Lully Triggers Pt.1

A nightmarish journey in the rain all the way to wet Wales, at least the accommodation Cystanog Fach which is Little Constantine in English apparently, welcomed us with its splendour.

After literally 5 hours of travelling and having to take a couple of detours finally we could chill out, enjoy the views from the 5 story house. There is a basement boot / tackle room then two bedrooms, twin and double, a bunk bedroom, then the main living room them the mezzanine level with kitchen and dining room, which leads on to the master bedroom, with small cabin room.

Ideal for two families basically even though we had it for ourselves, I would quite happily stay with some friends and their kids as plenty room and space without treading on each others toes. 

The change in scenery is quite incredible from bright blue skies to dreary seascapes I wanted more of a chill out for this holiday so this property was ideal. 

We've been to various parts of Pembrokeshire of the years but this area is hard to fault for a weeks holiday because it never really gets that busy, and time it with the Welsh kids being still at school, ideal.

To be honest I didn't really plan to fish everyday but this trip I wanted to mix it up a bit. So LRF, lure fishing for bass and bait fishing. 

With the tide times perfect towards the end of the week to fish off the harbour wall and try and catch something other than a dog fish.

The first couple of mornings whilst the rabble were welded to their duvets I fished the rockpools that are exposed between Saundersfoot and Wisemans Bridge. To be honest I'm very new to this LRF game but I soon realised just how aggressive these pool frequenters are. 

Using a tiny 0.7g jig heads and 20cm scented lures initially I managed plenty of bites from these characterful mini species.

I'm sure if I scaled down even further I'd have caught even more species but to be honest I only fished a couple of hours and often you can get preoccupied when something bigger pops its head out. 

Something I've not done before so I really enjoyed it even if the weather wasn't the best. 

It helped being mild in-fact often I was just in my t-shirt and luckily for us the odd hour of rain here and there, most of the rain came overnight. 


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