Monday 31 October 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Stops and Strombuliforms

The likeminded George was bankside when I got there in the dark. Not the ideal arriving time but with dusk now at 5.00pm or so, I haven't much choice if I want that fishing fix.

I still had barbel on my mind with Dave banking a nice one 24 hours earlier and George losing one, he was back to try to find out what he lost and was hunkered down in the same swim, whilst I decided to tread on Dave's toes.

I went for a natter whilst he was packing up and he gave me a tour of swim which you can see why barbel would like it here. Relatively deep right out in front, with plenty of cover and then as you head towards the middle of the river it starts to get much shallower.

It's a nice swim to be sat as well, a large area to position ones backside whilst still being able to stay relatively back from the waters edge. 

When turning up in the dark organisation is the key but it certainly helps that here you can park behind your peg. So no need to lug all the gear bankside as most of that can be left in the car.

It was a clear sky but still relatively mild and for this session I decided to drop the bait down in to the swim without much disturbance, where I'd fish a large Hinders barbel bomb pellet and then have a PVA bag of mixed pellets as freebies around the hookbait.

Now I rarely fish pellets these days because I've often found drilled pellets more of a hinderance than a help especially when there are greedy chub around. Quite a few times now I'd fished sessions where the chub have plucked and pulled so much, and the pellet start to breakdown the pellet stop often can pull though the bait. Hardened boilies I usually use can just sit there and I have confidence the bait will sill be there even after a good going over by any chub in the swim. 

Now I dug out some really old pellet stops I used to buy many moons ago (sadly only two left) and even with this large pellet there is still plenty of coverage. Can I find any more from the usual sellers ? Errrr no, so any help welcome as there are ideal. No point having a bait out if you are not confident in it being there when you reel in now is there...

Anyway to cut a long story short, I fished two swims well in to dark without even a nibble. I even put on some cheesepaste on in desperation at one point, but nope, very very quiet indeed. George after banking a chub and an eel before dusk didn't fair any better when the bats were out either. Considering the barbel were up for  a feed yesterday, they were not this evening. The fish were certainly suspicious in their absence that's for sure.  

A blank !!


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