Tuesday 27 December 2022

Transient Towpath Trudging - Pt.41

Now Lashfords sausages have operated through two world wars, 30 prime ministers and five monarchs yet one thing has remained unchanged their passion and commitment to the industry. A Christmas dinner you deserves some better quality pigs in blankets with the artesian butchers in Stratford supplying the bacon and the sirloin roast. These Lashfords sausages are not that expensive but they are just so damn tasty, especially their bog standard pork offering. 

It's the Faggots made using their Great Grandmothers 70-year-old recipe which uses English pig’s liver and pork, fresh onions with a blend of our own herbs and spices. A true traditional Midland necessity if you find yourself in the area. 

So the Boxing Day late afternoon couldn't come soon enough as I had quite a bit to walk off, with the Christmas pudding and brandy cream later followed by cheese and biscuits and quite a few glasses of port. 

The local rivers are full to the brim so it was the canal forthwith via the tiny stream to try and catch a few fish....

A few small brook trout succumbed to the float fish bread but oddly despite fishing a few swims those nice dace that reside here in winter didn't show whatsoever. 

I only fished it for an hour or so and I've rather neglected this little stream because I realised just how much I like fishing it. There are some surprises to be had here and Sam especially has a soft spot for it because, well we've caught bullheads on rod and line after all. 

The canal adjacent to it handily contains Zander so I had a deadbait rod with smelt where I'd also fishing some bread to try and catch anything that comes along.

I had a nice roach here last time so I was hoping one of those would turn up. Some liquidised bread to prime the swim and a piece of bread fished slightly over depth with the same small float as fished on the stream. 

An hour again and in that time, a couple of bream, one roach bream hybrid that was taking me all over the swim and a couple of missed bites.

The Zander had other ideas though and I left when I couldn't see the float. To be fair it was getting rather chilly as the once the sun had set the wind picked up and my hands were getting cold. Still variety is the spice of life, isn't it. An enjoyable session to be fair. 


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