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Friday 22 July 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Targaryen's and Tartarology

This 11ft TFG X1 River and Stream is probably my favourite rod from my ever growing collection, because well, for fishing for chub it really is balanced to perfection.

You see not only does it help restrain the snag lunging Chevin but you get such a fight from these hard battling chub playing fish is addictive and there is no need to reach for Thor's hammer when this light rod is more than enough for the job.

I thought I broke the top section the other day however, when a chub did me over good and proper when one left me stuck well snagged within some reed roots.

I had to pull for a break where when walking backwards with the rod low and the line tight eventually the the quiver tip (std Drennan) came flying towards me like a Targaryen's arrow straight towards ones nether regions.

Anyway thankfully the rod was intact it was only the quiver than needed to be rehomed in the black wheelie bin as this post after work session wouldn't have been enjoyable. 

You see 7 chub caught all on floating crust where if it wasn't for the otter turning up I'd have probably had a few more fish. They were literally on it as soon as it drifted down the shallow river where a bow wave would appear quickly followed by a wake.

With a thunder storm threatening to spoil the peace and tranquillity the best I could muster up was this 4lber, but it gave such a cracking scrap like Sandy Saddler in his prime I really thought it would have gone a couple of pound heavier.

I actually left before ones curfew but sometimes when you've had a good day that isn't a bad thing because you leave on good memories. 

Before I left I fished a hemp and pellet pre-baited swim where a some small chub were properly on to the free offerings. 

After one took the hookable pellet and disturbed the swim, the 5 or 6lb barbel that gate-crashed the party decided to bugger off before he had its collar felt by the bouncers and I didn't get a change to get a hook bait near it. 

Oh well and decent session all round, my sort of fishing these, short and sweet !!!


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